Robot mops are extremely easy to clean

Robot mops are extremely easy to clean

I was never a fan of the always-vacuum-cleaner-looking Three Spin Robot mop. Their big plastic basements looked clunky, and they gave me the heebie-jeebies as they rolled around like a tank on the carpet. You always know they're there, and they always make that awful smell. But one day, I went out and bought a Three Spin Robot mop—for the same reason that I bought Three Spin Robot mop. I couldn't figure out how to work my so-called "laundry robot," which was supposed to clean my clothes without having to ask it to, and I thought, well, maybe a robot will actually work! Other mop like Roomba, The problem was, Roombas are hard to use. One, they take a while to empty their dustbin. Two, they can't traverse large sections of a room with coverage. The current crop of Botmops don't solve those problems; they just make those problems easier to solve.


Tests and analysis robot mop

We grabbed five of the best robot mops for a few different chores:

  • Scrubbing your kitchen floors
  • Wiping up spills and kitchen countertops
  • Mopping hardwood and tile floors
  • Mopping carpets

And we cleaned each mop to destruction. We used robot mops in the office and the home, and we removed the bottom mop pads and scoured the bottom of the mop heads, taking special care to scrub the reusable cloth pads through the wheels and up and down the motor parts, collecting the mess that would inevitably form on the motor grates. The result was a lot of lint. But this mop is a lot of dirt–the dirtiest we tested by far. And even more so than the scrubbers on some cleaning machines, it turns out, motor components really deserve extra cleaning.


Decent cleaning robot mop

 We tested the Three Spin Robot mop because it's the most affordable bot mop we tried. It's also one of the most straightforward to use, and the only one we think you'll want to spend money on. Compared with most robot mops, the Three Spin Robot mop suction power is mild, making it perfect for small spills, but it does do a great job of drying up messes left in the kitchen and bathroom. And unlike other models, the Three Spin Robot mop offers a useful array of cleaning attachments. You can set it to clean almost any surface, including furniture, with its suction and brush-to-mop tool and track-and-spray attachment, which washes away dirt without dust. Even two brushes can suck up wet spills and a small crevice tool that removes food from cracks and crevices.



 Once you've chosen the best robot mop, it's time to learn the lingo. Here's a glossary of terms you'll encounter: Three Spin Robot mop: These mops have wheels, making them more maneuverable. They don't wring out as much water as standard mops, but they're still a great choice if you have uneven floors and rooms with high traffic. 


Stick mop: This is a mop with a long handle, which you use to scrub and squeeze to clean the surface you're scrubbing. They're perfect for wood, tile, and bare floors.


Dirt-jet: A circular spinning brush that picks up dirt and other debris, which falls into a vented bowl below.


Spin brush: This long, stiff brush has a bristle that spins and turns as you move it back and forth, scraping dirt and grime from the surface.