Should You Get a Robot Mop?

Should You Get a Robot Mop?

Know before you buy – the ins and outs of mopping robots

Today, most of the robots on the market are too expensive to justify the weekly purchase. The Mini Smart Mop costs $149.95, which is too much for most of us. The Three Spin Robot mop costs $349.99, and the iRobot Roomba 960 is $899.99.

Is it worth it?

I wouldn’t pay this much for something I have to maintain and clean. However, if you’re living in an apartment with little to no surface space, or if your living room has hardwood floors, this might be the perfect product for you. Its built-in brush and suction motor mean it will actually mop your floors with ease.

Still on the fence? Here are the pros of robot mops.

Pain-Free Washing

Vacuuming is not exactly comfortable for anyone. Unless you enjoy being chased around the house by a Roomba. But sweeping and mopping is the worst. You have to lift the mop up off the floor several times to even begin to get it clean. It can also hurt your back, if you’re not careful. Robot mops are super easy to use and don’t require all that effort. Plus, no humans need to die. I hate saying that. But some people do. You may also notice that the Three Spin Robot mop isn’t exactly a pleasant-looking contraption. It looks a bit industrial and over-the-top. I know, I know. “I didn’t hire an over-the-top robot mop.” I know, I’m explaining it again.


Other benefits to owning a robot mop(Should You Get a Robot Mop?)

Now we know Three Spin Robot mop don’t come cheap, but if you think about it, some of their benefits go beyond the money you spend. $60 to $150 isn’t a lot if you factor in a year’s worth of labor time from a doorman at a major office building. While they are a labor cost, you’re also acquiring a high quality robot that will provide years of clean floors in a short amount of time. The best part? You can leave the robot to do its thing while you run out for errands, commute home, or simply take a nap. This will remove the need for cleanup every time it does its job, keeping you on top of your cleaning responsibilities and saving you money in the long run.

Who should buy a robot mop

Anyone who has ever mopped has seen the ugly, smelly, dirty job that goes along with it.


Should you buy a robot mop?

That’s a tricky question. We can’t deny that robot mops are cool. Of course, we like robots as much as anyone. The basic idea is that a robot vacuum cleans your floor for you. In exchange, you pay for the privilege. There are a lot of neat robots out there, from a canister cleaner to a sweeper. They’re not cheap, though. If you’re a really hard-working professional and you use a mop every day, it might be worth the investment. But if you use one once a week and you can’t stand it, the robot mop will save you a lot of trouble. It’s an easier job than you think, and not much harder than mopping. In fact, it could be more fun. Of course, you have to be willing to keep it clean. Robot mops don’t do well when their tracks get clogged with dirt or little dog hairballs.


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