Keeping Floors Clean With Pet-dogs at Home

Keeping Floors Clean With Pet-dogs at Home

Let's assume you took your beloved pup out for a fantastic walk, but part of that fantastic walk involved your dog running through a mud puddle — and you’ve just cleaned your floors! What should you do? This is one of many different scenarios that are just part of being a dog owner. So, what are the best ways to keep your floors spotless? Here are some tips and tricks that can help you keep your floors clean when you have a pet-dog: 

Dog Grooming

The less hair flying off your dog, the less hair on your floor and everything else. Whether your dog is longhaired or shorthaired, brushing your dog every day is an effective way to reduce the shedding. Also, consider using a deshedder. Try to brush your dog outside to reduce the fur flying around during the grooming session. If this isn’t possible, use a porch or set up a small room for grooming purposes. While most dogs should not be bathed too frequently (usually no more than once a month, depending on the breed), you can use plain water or things like dog wipes or waterless shampoo.

Clean Up Your Dog Before Entering Your Home

If you have a mudroom, you’re probably already using it to literally clean the mud from your dog. If you have a laundry room, this is a good place to set up a little cleaning station, but otherwise, you can do a few things to set up your entranceway. Make a point of keeping towels, a water spray bottle, and wipes there, so they’re easily accessible, along with treats.

Invest in a good sturdy doormat, and stand on it when starting the cleaning process. Use an old towel or dog wipes and spray bottles with water to get the worst of the mud and dirt off your dog’s paws and fur. While your dog is wet, keep them in a room with floors that are easy to clean until your pup is dry enough to enter your home.

Invest in Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop

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