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Microfiber Rags For Robot Mop Cleaner  

Soak up moisture from floor with NP microfiber mop - Its dot pattern is suitable for rotational movement and its twisted loop pile structure is suitable for waxing and polishing. You can enjoy a sparkling clean floor with minimal effort thanks to the rotating mop pads.

100% NP Microfiber - NP microfiber has long and abundant bristles with wide surface that can absorb more contaminants than general microfibers do. It is excellent for wiping stains as it leaves no watermarks on the floor.

Product Dimensions 6.3 x 0.4 inches
Item Weight 0.3 oz
Manufacturer EVERYBOT INC.
Available Robot ThreeSpin, Edge


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Microfiber Mops for ThreeSpin & EDGE

EVERYBOT Microfiber Mop is specially designed for floor mopping robots 'ThreeSpin' & 'EDGE'.
The material is 100% microfiber which can wipe off stains softly without scratch and which is great for polishing various type of hard floors.

Ultimate Wiping for Shinny Floor - it is very soft and is good for absorbing liquid and fine dust on the floor.

100% NP Microfiber

NP microfiber has long and abundant bristles and has a wide surface to absorb a lot of contaminants compared to general microfibers. It has excellent wiping properties and leaves no watermarks on the floor.