Keeping Your Floors Clean for Your Crawling Toddlers

Keeping Your Floors Clean for Your Crawling Toddlers

We understand how important it is to keep the floors in your home clean and refreshed. There’s more to it than a shiny surface. Clean floors also protect your loved ones and provide a safe environment for pets and even those still using the floor to learn to walk. If your home has a crawling toddler, you’ve probably been chasing behind them hoping they don’t pick up any debris or get dirty as they scuttle around.

Here are some things you can do in-between any major cleanings to keep your floors clean and safe for crawling toddlers.

Remove Shoes

While this rule may already apply in some households, if you have a crawling toddler, it’s time to make it mandatory. Taking shoes off at the door before walking on any other surface in the home will prevent anything the sole of the shoe picked up outdoors from being tracked through the home (think pesticides, grass, dirt and maybe even some dog poop).

Use a Floor Blanket

If you’ll be spending some tummy time on the floor as your baby gets accustomed to crawling, then consider using a special blanket that you lay out on the ground solely for this purpose.  Choose one that covers ample space and be sure to pick it up and shake it off immediately after they’re done playing.

Clean and Mop Often with Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop

You may have a weekly routine you’ve grown accustomed to – like doing laundry on Wednesdays and saving the floor cleaning and mopping for Saturdays, but you’ll need to increase the frequency of those floor cleanings now. In particular, if you have pets or others with long hair in the home that shed and add to the dander on the floor. The last thing you want is your toddler crawling through tumbleweeds of hair or even putting it into their curious mouths. Everybot has got you covered when it comes to quick and efficient floor cleaning and mopping with reliable and durable Three Spin Robot Mops.

Conclusion (Keeping Your Floors Clean for Your Crawling Toddlers)

Whether you have tiles, hardwood or carpeting in your home, Three Spin Robot Mop is the best tool to sanitize your floors and get them looking brand new again. From daily cleanings to weekly cleanings, Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop offers a convenient, cost-effective cleaning process that’s bound to work for you. Get in touch today on their website: for more information about our awesome robot mops.

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