No More Backache Or Stress With Three Spin Robot Mop

No More Backache Or Stress With Three Spin Robot Mop

Whenever a task is being performed with two feet on the ground, the torque that is created by forward bending and twisting is distributed somewhere in between and this is classically in the lower spine. Unfortunately, forward bending with twisting is the most vulnerable position for the lower back. The discs that serve as a cushion and spacer between the vertebrae and the ligaments that attach the bones together cannot handle the body weight. Subsequently, nerves that surround all of these tissues become loaded and if it is for too long a period of time or the compression is significant, the nerves relay the message of pain to the brain. One of such tasks is vacuum cleaning.

According to carpet manufacturers, the rule of thumb is that you should be vacuuming as many days a week as there are residents of your home, including pets. If you have a full house, you should be vacuuming daily. Chances are, if you don’t vacuum regularly, you try to make up for all the skipped days by doing a ton of vacuuming at one time.

Vacuuming the floor is a great calorie-burning workout, especially if you’re working quickly and moving the sweeper vigorously. 

Alas, awkward, repetitive twisting and reaching too far can strain your back. And if your machine is not at an ergonomically friendly height or requires some serious effort to push around, you’re working your back much harder than you should be. Sweeping and mopping are as back-unfriendly as vacuuming, for all the same reasons. Mops and brooms are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to ergonomically incorrect tools. You bend to wring out a mop, and bend and stretch to reach under tables with a duster or sweeper. If the mop or broom handle is too short, your back will suffer.

No More Backache

Here is good news, you can thank me later; no more back aches or stress to clean your house. How? EVERYBOT robot mop offers a new and reliable robot mob to clean your floors and make your life much more easier and more stress-free than ever. The three spin robot mop does not have any wheels but it maneuvers itself by firmly gripping the floor and simultaneously cleaning and moving, using the three mops attached beneath it. The three mops press and wipe so firmly that it removes any dirt, dust, and pet hair from the most remote corners of your house. Taking advantage of the 3-mopped robot cleaning your house to give you the much-needed freedom from manual works and backaches. The robot mop will handle the stress of cleaning your home before a party or a get-together and won’t get emotional.

The technology of robot cleaning has advanced over the course of time. 

The three spin robot mop is one of such advancement you can fully rely on. Get one today, and take a cup of coffee as you have your robot cleaning or mopping your floor.


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