Robot Mop Keeps Your Hotel Clean 24/7

Robot Mop Keeps Your Hotel Clean 24/7

Guests at hotels expect a welcoming reception, pleasant and well-arranged lobby and a spotless, comfortable room to use overnight during their travels. But as COVID-19 spread throughout the globe, to ensure their safety and reduce their risk of contracting the virus, guests’ demand for cleanliness amplified. Likewise, hotel managers and cleaning crews need greater safety measures while also ensuring where they stay and work is sanitary.

Hotels, while being a necessity for many who travel, can be hazardous given the high rotativity and the diverse origin of guests. In this sense, guests are not only at risk, but also many hotel personnel who perform the cleansing and room preparation. Utilizing robots to do the repetitive and laborious tasks that are required to ensure these areas remain clean helps hotels stay open and keeps everyone safe in the process.

Cleanliness, hygiene, comfort and appearance are the prime concerns of housekeeping, whether it is done by humans or robots. However, robot makes it more manageable through accurate scheduling, improved efficiency, accessory footprint, dynamic cleaning patterns, 24×7 assured cleanliness and much more.

Cleaning robots are not new and have been utilized in homes, hospitals, hotels and other spaces that require repetitive and diligent cleaning requirements. One question that comes to mind is, "Is there a reliable yet cost-efficient robot mop?" Well, we at Everybot are happy to tell you "Yes!"

Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop is all you need for your hotel's daily cleaning and mopping chores. You can enjoy a sparkling clean floor with minimal effort thanks to the rotating mop pads, intelligent sensors, and automatic water dispensing system.

Three Spin robot mop keeps your hotel clean on its own so you can focus on more critical issues. You can visit our website at for more details about our reliable floor cleaning and mopping robots.



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