Robot Vacuum vs. Robot Mop

Robot Vacuum vs. Robot Mop


We often think of cleaning our floors in two steps: vacuuming or sweeping, then mopping. Adding more steps to your cleaning routine is a hassle, but with Everybot Three Spin, cleaning the floors can be a one-step process. Here’s when you can use a robot vacuum or a robot mop to keep your floors as clean as possible:


What’s The Difference?

Robot vacuums and robot mops are similar, but do have a few differences. Robot vacuums vacuum up messes. They can be used on hard and soft surfaces, easily transitioning from the carpet in your bedroom to the tile in your bathroom. Robot vacuums vacuum up big messes like dirt and debris, as well as crumbs and other items that may have fallen on your floor. 


Robot mops mop your floors, and also wipe up some dry messes. They are only used on hard surfaces, like hardwood, tile, and linoleum. 


Best Time To Use a Robot Vacuum

It’s not always necessary to use a robot vacuum, but knowing when and when not to is key to keeping clean floors. Of course, use a robot vacuum on soft surfaces, like carpets and rugs, but on hard surfaces, it’s really only necessary to use one if the floor is visibly dirty.


Robot vacuums are great for getting really dirty hard floors ready for mopping. If you can see dust, or you’ve spilled something like makeup on your bathroom floor, or spices in the kitchen, use your robot vacuum to clean up the mess.


Best Time To Use a Robot Mop

Just as it’s important to know when to use a robot mop, it’s important to know when not to use a robot mop. Robot mops should only be used on hard surfaces, as they will not work on carpets or rugs. On hard surfaces, however, robot mops can be used often, because they can wipe up some dirt, debris, pet hair, and dander. 


If there is a large mess like spilled, don’t just use your robot mop to take care of it. Use both your robot vacuum and your robot mop. However, if you can’t see the mess on the floor, but you know it’s there, you can save some time by only using a robot mop, as it will do both jobs in one, saving you time and energy. 


When To Use Both

Sometimes it is necessary to use both your robot mop and robot vacuum. If you can see a mess on the floor, start by using your robot vacuum, and finish the job with the robot mop. 


Know, though, that it is not always necessary to do this. Sometimes a robot mop can do the job of both a vacuum and a mop, and other times vacuuming is not necessary at all. For messes such as chips or cereal, it’s easy to just use a broom, as a vacuum could actually make more of a mess. 


Know that your house cleaning robots are here to make your life easier. And with their many unique functions, that can be done in a variety of ways. Use these Everybot Mopping Robot tips to keep your home clean, and make your life a little less stressful.