The Amazing Cleaning Settings of the Everybot Mopping Robot

The Amazing Cleaning Settings of the Everybot Mopping Robot


The Amazing Cleaning Settings of the Everybot Mopping Robot

The seven settings that make the Everybot the best automatic floor cleaner


 One of the best features of the Everybot robot mop is its versatility. You don’t have to have an app on your phone, or coach all your family members through the process. The easy-to-use remote control keeps things convenient and reliable. Some cleaning mops on the market have one setting, or options that don’t give you control over the cleaning experience. Your Everybot works for you and your home. So I’m sure you’re wondering, what are the cleaning features of the Robot Mop?


The seven customizable settings that work for your specific needs:


 1. Auto Cleaning Mode

This mode is perfect for when you’re on the go and want your robot mopper to get to work! Our smart robots know how to clean around obstacles, under furniture, and in all those sneaky easy to miss places. This is a great general cleaning setting.

 2. Edge Mode

Edge cleaning focuses on the area around your baseboards and edges of the room where pet hair, dirt, and debris get built up. This is a great setting after running the Auto Cleaning Mode to assure your floor is sparkling.

 3. Focus Mode

Focus mode starts in one spot and slowly circles out. This is great for the rooms that need a little more attention. You can set focus mode for your kitchen, or bathrooms for a thorough clean.

 4. Intensive Mode

Focus mode is built for the tough stuff. If your kid spilled their snack on the floor, or you noticed some dirt tracks near the front door. You don’t need to stress out before work trying to clean the mess. Set your robot mop cleaner on Intensive Mode. This mode uses 360-degree technology to clean in short, repetitive circles. It guarantees a deep clean for those unexpected messes.

 5. Y Curve Mode

We are proud to make robots that are clean like humans but better! You probably guessed it, but this mode cleans in a thorough Y Curve motion. This is designed to mimic a handheld mopping motion, and it is great for a quick clean-up when you’re running short on time.

 6. 50 Minute Cleaning Mode

This cycle runs for fifty minutes so it’s a great option for focus cleaning a specific room in a pitch. Put on a show and start your evening routine, and your bedroom floor will be sparkling clean by the time you’re done.

 7. Manual Mode

While this is an automatic mopper, it’s also great to have the option for a little more control. This option allows you to control where your robot mop moves with the remote. This is ideal if you want to clean a specific area before moving your Everybot to another room.


As you can see the Everybot can do just about anything. You don’t have to hassle with settings, or constantly have to re-mop areas that need a little more work. With these eight settings, you choose the cleaning experience you want and your robot mopper takes it from there.

Here at Everybot we make cleaning easy and efficient.