The Biggest Advantages of the Everybot Robot Cleaner and Mop

The Biggest Advantages of the Everybot Robot Cleaner and Mop


The Biggest Advantages of the Everybot Robot Cleaner and Mop

The mopping robot that does it right every time


So maybe you’re considering getting a robot mop of your very own. But you’re wondering, what exactly makes the Everybot so effective? This automatic cleaning mop is full of features and innovative software that will exceed your expectations. It’s deceptively small and stylish, with smart technology created with your benefit in mind.

All of us want a clean space, but we don’t always have the time to spend hours mopping before hosting our family dinner. This is where Everybot comes in. The mopping robot for everyone. To ensure you're getting the best robotic mop, let’s break down why this little guy is the top pick on the market.


Biggest Advantages of the Everybot:


There are two types of mop heads so you can customize your cleaning experience.

Our gray Mother Yarn Mop Pads are perfect for picking up dust, scrubbing stains, and deep cleaning cracks and edges. The green Microfiber Mop Pads are great for getting your floors looking brand new, polished, and free from watermarks. For an ultimate clean, run the automatic mopper first with the Yarn Mop Pads, and then with the Microfiber.

The Everybot cleans like a human.

What makes this the best robotic mop is there are no wheels. This mopping device cleans with top-quality pads to eliminate streaks and tire tracks.

The auto water supply perfectly controls water levels for a deep clean with no slippery puddles.

The worst part of mopping is feeling like it takes the floor hours to dry before you can go about your day. With the Everybot, all these problems are eliminated. It’s smart with water and cleaning. A plus is you won’t be finding yourself filling up the tank every twenty minutes.

The Everybot automatically stops spinning when you pick it up for easy transportation.

No more worrying about water flying everywhere, or hunting for the remote to turn off your robot mopper. The Everybot has easy handles you can grab, and automatic sensors so you can relocate it with no hassle!

This automatic mopping machine uses detergent and water.

You can rest assured that your floors will be sparkling, and your house will smell like a five-star hotel.

Shadow Area Technology allows the mopper to come out from under furniture when the battery is getting low.

With some robot mops, you have to go hunting for your device only to find the battery died while it was under the couch. The Everybot is smart, it will alert you when it needs a good recharge. Think of it as your new best friend, this robot mopper keeps your needs in mind.

This mop delivers high-quality results with little maintenance.

If you have a robot mopper that's hard to maintain, then what’s the point? With the Everybot, just throw the mop heads in the wash, fill up the water tank, and keep it charged.


These advantages of the Everybot just scratch the surface of why this is the best robot mopping device on the market right now. They make great gifts, to yourself or your loved ones. For once, you can get a clean house without breaking the bank.