The Dos and Don'ts When It Comes to Hardwood Flooring

The Dos and Don'ts When It Comes to Hardwood Flooring

Building a beautiful home is equal parts creativity, cohesion, and restraint. We’ll help you get ready for the decisions for your own custom designed home by running through several flooring options. We’ll discuss hard surfaces like Luxury Vinyl Tile, soft surfaces such as carpet, and various decorative tile surfaces, and how these floorings can play together in a complimentary way. Be it hardwood or Luxury Vinyl Tile, the clean look, classic aesthetic, and durability of hard surface flooring have made it as popular as ever before. While our parents’ homes may have been lined with wall-to-wall carpet, it’s much more common these days to see a modern home decked out with the crisp, straight lines and modern nuances of a hard surface.

If you’re considering a hard surface, here are a few tips to get you started down the line for choosing flooring for your home.



  • Consider lighter finishes: Light colored finishes such as bright greys or light wood can give your room a more open feeling. If you are working with a smaller space and want to make it feel a bit larger and more breezy, consider light colored floors. Combined with white cabinetry and alcove lighting, this can provide dramatic effect to your great room or kitchen, allowing light to brighten the area, giving it a feel of free flowing air and space.

  • Define space with rugs: One of the most exciting aspects of a hard surface floor is that you can break it up with rugs. The right rug can provide accents of color and style while dividing a room into sections, tricking your mind into seeing one large room as multiple components - such as a dining area vs a relaxation and television viewing zone.
  • Don’t forget about dark finishes: While lighter colored flooring might feel a bit more modern, there are good reasons that dark hardwoods have been popular for centuries. Dark flooring can make a large space feel more intimate. Whether you’re working with an open floor plan or have designed a home with a large master suite or living room, choosing a dark wood grain can instantly make that large space feel more homey and comfortable. Additionally, dark flooring can make a bold impact when combined with the right lighting and decor, giving your home an element of high end design.


  • Don’t match. Complement: While you might feel compelled to match your cabinets and large furniture pieces to your flooring, it’s important to resist that urge. Matching woods or colors can give your home a rather monochromatic look. It can certainly work in some instances, but will typically come off looking rather muted.


  • Don’t get too crazy with variation: While we do recommend picking complementary colors for your cabinetry, you don’t want to go to the extreme end of the spectrum. If your choices become too variant, your home can be a bit confusing and feel messy.

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