Top 5 Reasons Why Every Student Needs an EveryBot.

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Student Needs an EveryBot.


Classes have started up again which means that students are looking to do what they can to save money and time.  Want to know one of the most important things you can have in your dorm or apartment to support you in both of those adventures?  An Everybot.  This is an AI-powered robot mop cleaner that is going to make your life so much easier -- and more affordable.  Not sure?  Take a look and see for yourself.


Top 5 reasons why an Everybot is a student must-have

At first glance, it looks like another one of those random things that you don’t really need to have.  But, it’s going to be a great essential for student life.  Here are just 5 of the top reasons why this is going to be the best thing ever!


It’s easy to use:

It’s so easy to use.  You just fill its reservoir, put it down on the floor, and press the button.  It’ll start-up and get to work.  It’ll run up to 120 minutes at a time on a single charge, which is perfect for getting your floors impressively clean!


You don’t need to have any cleaners or solvents:

Unlike other robots that rely on chemicals and products that all cost money, this is just water.  You fill its 10.5L water tank and it’ll simply mop your floor with no need for anything else.  Great for keeping your budget focused on the things that matter most.


It doesn’t take up much space:

It charges upright in its stand, so even when it’s not zooming around your room, it doesn’t take up precious square footage.  It can even fit in a corner of your closet or under your desk.  Great for prioritizing storage.


It’s a cool conversation topic:

Weird, but okay.  If you’re having a hard time making friends, or perhaps you want to impress a girl or boy that you kinda-sorta like, bring them over to see your mopping robot!  It’ll be a great way to break the ice, and they will love it so much that they may even get their own!


You don’t need to worry about cleaning:

This is the main reason why you get a robot mop, sure, but you’d be surprised how much it actually helps!  Seriously, it will mop as good, if not better than, a human will.  Yet, you can focus on your studies and hanging out with your friends instead of scouring the floors with a frustrating mop!  Plus, you’ll never mop yourself into a corner!


Student life is hard enough without putting extra effort and detail into cleaning and making space in your budget and your space.  This is going to help you care for all of your cleaning needs in a cool, futuristic way that is going to make you one of the coolest kids on campus.  All that’s left now is to think of a cool name that you can give it so that everyone can know your mopping robot by name!