Types of Vinyl Flooring

Types of Vinyl Flooring

What is LVP?

Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are long, narrow planks of vinyl designed to emulate the most popular wood flooring styles. These planks are thicker and more rigid than sheet vinyl, which helps make them more durable and scratch-resistant. Most luxury vinyl planks are composed of thick PVC with a design layer that gives the planks their authentic hardwood look. This design layer can feature a variety of colors and textures that are on trends from light wood to grey and even whitewash. Additional layers added on top of the design sheet help prevent scratching, tears, and stains.

What is LVT?

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is constructed very similarly to LVP, but it is engineered to mimic stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile. Like LVP, LVT also has a thick vinyl layer that makes it more durable and rigid than sheet vinyl with a design layer that has natural stone designs and textures to provide incredibly realistic visuals. LVT also comes in floating or glue-down installation options. A huge advantage of LVT over traditional tile is the ease of installation. LVT is much less labor-intensive and requires zero grout work which helps cut down on installation costs. LVT can also be laid on top of existing flooring, so there is no need to rip out your old flooring beforehand. LVT is extremely durable and waterproof, making it perfect for bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and more! It is also great for families with children and pets because you don’t have to worry about spills and everyday messes, simply wipe up and go. Caring for and maintaining luxury vinyl tile couldn’t be easier. Regular use of a floor cleaner designed for vinyl flooring ensures the LVT is spotless and lasts longer. This care routine is much less time-consuming than cleaning grout lines and presents a much lower slip hazard than traditional stone and tile flooring. If you are not sure what style will coordinate best with your home’s design scheme, order samples of your favorite styles so you can see the options in person!

What is sheet vinyl?

Sheet vinyl has been a popular flooring choice for many decades because of its waterproof properties, and the fact that it is very budget-friendly. Unlike sheet vinyl of the past, modern technology has allowed sheet vinyl to make great strides in terms of aesthetic appeal. Sheet vinyl can mimic the authentic look of wood and stone flooring at a fraction of the cost and has a much easier installation process. In terms of installation, sheet vinyl needs a more stable subfloor compared to LVP or LVT, and the quick installation is best handled by professionals to prevent visible seams. Sheet vinyl is also a softer material than LVT and LVP, making it less scratch-resistant. Available in an attractive variety of patterns, colors, and designs, sheet vinyl allows you to have the latest trends in your home with relative ease. You can also switch out sheet vinyl fairly easily if the trends or your personal tastes change. Sheet vinyl is tremendously easy to wipe spills and messes up from, making it the perfect option for craft rooms, playrooms, basements, and more!

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