Using Automatic Robot Mop for Your Pet Care Facility

Using Automatic Robot Mop for Your Pet Care Facility

Keeping your animal care facility clean is always crucial since it improves the health and safety of your animal patients, your human personnel, and visitors. Keeping your offices and exam rooms as clean and sanitized as possible is even more crucial in a post-COVID world, and many animal care facility managers are seeking methods to make their cleaning and sanitation regimes as effective as possible.

At the same time, no matter how seriously you take keeping your animal facility clean, you may still be using the traditional mop-and-bucket method. However, traditional mop and bucket cleaning may be doing more damage than good. Here's all you should know about how newer, better, and faster cleaning technology, such as the Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop, may help you finally say goodbye to the mop and bucket!

Why You Should Dump Traditional Mop and Bucket For Mopping Robot

·        Traditional Mopping is Time-Consuming

Let's be honest: scrubbing a floor with a mop and a bucket is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks you can perform. It's terrible enough scrubbing your own floors, but when you're responsible for cleaning the floor of an entire animal care facility, the time sink becomes exponential. Given that you must wait for these cleaned surfaces to dry before walking on them, typical cleaning must be planned at times that are not disruptive to the routine operation of your care facility.

·        Wet Floors Can Cause Accidents

Another reason why traditional mopping might be difficult is the moist flooring that it leaves behind. Wet flooring can cause humans and animals to slip and fall, increasing the risk of an accident. Some of these mishaps may result in significant harm. This is especially dangerous on surfaces that appear dry but are still wet enough to have less grip than typical or on floors near stairway landings or other such locations.

·        Traditional Mop and Bucket Cleaning Can Cause Germ Spread

Just because your scrubbed floor appears clean does not imply it is. On a microscopic level, local mops tend to push around a lot of pollutants, such as grime and pathogens, giving you a false sense of security. But, with the Everybot Robotic Cleaner, you can be sure of a thoroughly clean floor.

A Newer and Better Alternative For a Cleaner Floor

While the traditional mop and bucket will never be obsolete in cleaning and sanitation, there are many better alternatives, such as using automatic robot mop to thoroughly clean your floor and making it glitter. When it comes to building the healthiest and safest environment for your animal patients, employees, and visitors, methods for keeping flooring safer and cleaner, such as automatic cleaners that mop your entire floor with just a remote control, are a superior solution.

Get the Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot for your pet care facility to always keep the place clean and safe for both the pets and human visitors.

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