When It’s A Good Idea To Replace Your Floors

When It’s A Good Idea To Replace Your Floors

If you have a small area of hardwood and miles of different tile and carpeting, your hardwood should probably go. That’s when you may want to consider maybe replacing ALL the flooring with the same LVP or engineered wood floor to create a more continuous look without those awkward transitions. It’s the mix of many different patterns and colors of floors that look dated and fragmented in your home. An island of hardwood that is less than two-thirds of your square footage AND a dated color is probably worth replacing with a more current flooring choice.

Hardwood floors that are a bossy, exotic deep red or busy tiger-striped type of wood floor would be another instance where we recommend replacing them. Hardwood with a stripey pattern is the LEAST neutral wood floor color possible. And more often than not, you will be happier if you choose to re-stain it to tone it down or replace it entirely. You could also consider painting your wood floors to cool the look down.

Don’t put farmhouse rustic wood floors in modernist interiors

If you have a house with modernist architecture, for example, wide-plank natural or rustic, farmhouse wood floors are going to look forced and out of place. Unfortunately, there are few wood-look flooring options on the market that look like vintage, narrow plank mid-century floors. This is another instance where it’s best to consider working with what flooring you have if possible.

Of course, if you have no option but to update the wood floors, take care to choose something that is warm enough in tone to fit the style. And, again, choose the smoothest, least busy, and least rustic option you can find.

The point is, just because rustic wide plank wood flooring in cooler neutral browns is the thing now, that doesn’t mean every house should have it to look current and beautiful. In fact, for flooring longevity, except in the most rustic of homes, overly countrified or farmhouse-looking wood floors should generally be avoided. Simple, smooth (not busy), and natural-toned wood or wood-look floors will stand the test of time.

How to work with vintage, warm wood floors

Don’t forget that a floor is just a foundation. You can make liberal use of pretty area rugs, furnishings and decor to satisfy the eye (and distract from less-than-perfect floors). So, don’t panic if it’s not in the budget to replace your wood floors yet.

Remember, decorating is not about everything being as “new” as possible. It’s about interest, mood, color, texture and pattern – creating a look and a feel. Keep in mind that the way to balance overly warm (yellow, orange or red) wood floors is to introduce lots of cool, fresh, and airy colors in your decorating.

To really tone down your wood floors, choose large pale natural fibre area rugs that run nearly the width of the room. Rugs should come within the outermost couple of feet around the border of your room and then feel free to layer it with a patterned rug or two. Deliberately introduce white, cream, pale greige, blues, greens, and greys in your decorating.

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