Why a Mopping Robot is a Must-Have for Those with Chronic Illness

Why a Mopping Robot is a Must-Have for Those with Chronic Illness


When you are living with a chronic illness of some sort, your day-to-day life is going to look very different than that of most people.  It’s no longer feasible for you to just get up and have the energy to sweep, vacuum, and mop.  You have to pick your chores based on what you feel is going to be best, and right, for you.  But what if you had help?


Why the Everybot is the help that you can rely on

Unlike expensive cleaning professionals, this modern robot mop is going to be reliable, affordable, and low-maintenance.  You’ll be able to know that you have the help you can rely on and it’s all under your own control!  Here’s what you’ll want to know.


Everybots are simple to use:

These are as simple to use as charing it in its station, filling its water reservoir, and then pressing a button. No other input is needed!   It’ll simply get to work and help you enjoy a clean, safe space.  Nice to know that technology doesn’t necessarily need to be complex and frustrating.


They will take care of your floors without causing damage:

If you are worried about other robots ruining your floors, you don’t need to fear it with this one. This one has no wheels.  It’s just carefully circulating pads that will safely clean your floors and whiz around without causing any kind of damage.


They’re quiet and effective in modern homes:

This isn’t going to be a loud robot mop vacuum. They run at 43dB so that you won’t even notice it as it moves around does its job. Just how an AI-powered mop should be, right?     Perfect for those who are having a “bad pain fay” and don’t want the extra irritation.


They’ll give you space to focus on what you need to:

Whether it’s another cleaning task that you need to focus on, or it’s something else entirely -- like your health itself -- this is going to take all of the efforts on to leave you free to do what matters most on that day!


Your care on your own terms

Just because you’re living with a chronic illness doesn’t mean that you are invalid.  This robot mop is going to show you that you can still have your personal freedom and comfort, but just do it with clean floors.  Plus, even if you do have the energy to vacuum and mop, who has the time?  Spend your precious energy on the things that matter most to you, rather than what you think you should focus on.


Living with a chronic illness means that your energy is precious to you.  Whether you are struggling with it only once a while, or it is something that you live with daily, understanding that you have the right kind of support when and where you need it most is going to make all of the difference.  Make Everybot your choice and see for yourself just what a positive difference it can make!