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    Everybot Robot Mop

    Everybot Robot Mop

    Designed to make your life easier, the ThreeSpin™ Robot Mop cleans your home on its own!
    It navigates around obstacles as its wet spinning pads clean off dirt and debris. 

    Powerful & Thorough Cleaning - No Wheels! The robot performs both driving and cleaning at the same time using 2 round-shape mop pads with ‘Dynamic Spinning Technology’ patented by EVERYBOT INC. It cleans floor with 4.4 lb pressure created by its weight and rapidly spinning mop pads in continuous motion. What’s more, the extension of 3 mop pads clean edges & corners thoroughly. 

    Library Noise Level - With noise level only at 43dB during the vacuum on, it feels like a whisper.

    Easy & Convenient - A single touch button will start the vacuuming and mopping immediately

    Smart Cleaning- 11 smart sensors on the circumference of the robot serve to prevent collision and fall of the vacuum. In addition, its illumination sensor instructs it to finish cleaning in a bright area of home so the user can spot the robot easily after it’s done.


    No Wheels! Powerful mop cleaning ability by the pressure with its 100% own weight.

    100% of the body weight translates directly onto the mop, instead of on the wheels. The weight turns into powerful mopping pressure.
    In the case of a robot mop on wheels, 50% of the body weight is translated on the wheels and the rest on the mop. EVRYBOT EDGE is different. EDGE does not have wheels, so 100% of its body weight translates directly on to the mop as powerful pressing and sweeping force. You will witness incomparable floor cleaning with EDGE.