Edge Mocha Features, Simple and Easy Robot Mop 

Ideal For Hard Floors - Your Edge Mocha Robot Mop is suitable for use on All Hard Floors including laminate, marble, tile, coated woods, and linoleum flooring. Quick and Easy to use, one touch will immediately start the moping function.

Enjoy A Smart HomeMake the most of your day and enjoy Hands-Free, cordless cleaning with our mopping robot. 
Enjoy fresh and clean floors every day with our automatic mopping robot designed to Save Your Time and effort so you can get back to what’s most important. 

Perfect For Busy Families!Is your home Busy With Children and animals on the move? One touch of a button and you can watch Edge quickly clean away muddy paw prints, shoe prints and general dirt from your floor without lifting a finger. Our smart mop cleans hard floors with just 3.6lbs of pressure from its Rapidly Spinning wet mop pads.

Effortless Mopping Without The Hassle The Edge Smart Robotic Mop features two sets of circular mopping pads; one microfibre set for traditional mopping and one set of yarn pads for cleaning tougher dirt and hair from your floor. With an automatic water dispensing system, the Edge moves around your home, dispensing water through the mod pads to gently whisk away dirt and debris, leaving your home Sparkling clean - Without The Hassle.

Smart Navigation SystemIts Unique low-rise triangular shape allows it to access those harder to reach areas like corners and around or under furniture for an enhanced clean. One touch and your Everybot Robot Mop is ready to go. It Effortlessly navigates around obstacles using 11 smart sensors placed around the circumference of the robot. They help prevent collisions and falls so you can leave Edge to clean whilst you are away with total peace of mind.

Cleans Quietly For You The Edge Smart Robot Mop is the Ideal cleaning accessory for any home, apartment or flat. We all could use a little extra time in our day, and the Edge Smart Mop allows you to tackle other jobs and tasks with its hands-free, Cordless Cleaning system. It produces just 46dB and is no louder than a typical Library Noise setting.