Edge2 Features, Innovative Smart Mopping Robot - Everybot 

Powerful and Efficient Cleaning  - The powerful and dynamic motor spins mop discs and creates high friction on the floor, it enables the robot to drive and clean at the same time.

Pressure Mopping - Edge 2 does not just go through, it scrubs and cleans with pressure of its own weight and friction from spinning mop discs. You can expect high quality of floor mopping just as you have mopped by yourself, but without effort.

Wet Mopping  - 210ml water tank is located inside the robot and provide water in a regular basis to keep the mop pads wet during 120min of cleaning.

4 stage of water supply level - Dry mode < Level 1 < Level 2 < Level 3 and 'Drain water' function on remote control will help you to keep the robot clean and hygienic.

Innovative Mop Pads - Two types of mop pads would help you with more effective and efficient cleaning. Spinning mop is not only for scrubbing the stain on the floor but it is able to collect pet hair and dust as well.

Smart Cleaning - With Various safety and smart functional sensors, the robot detects obastacles and cliffs and avoid encounter or falling.

Silent Cleaning - With only 42dB of low level of noise, it won't distrub you when you need a quiet moment and so as your pets would not even recognize it when they are in sleep.