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    Three Spin Robot Mop, Ultimate Life Saver Robot Cleaner


      Three Spin Robot Mop, Ultimate Life Saver Robot Cleaner 

      Extremely Quiet Operation  - EVERYBOT robot mop offers a new way to clean your floors and make your life much easier than before with a surprisingly 43dB Library Noise Level. Whether you're drinking coffee or reading a book to your kids, or even in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, this robot mop will quietly clean the floor on its own without disturbing you.

      Overwhelming Mop Performance  - Engineered with ‘Dynamic Spinning Technology' patented by EVERYBOT, the Floor Mopping Robot features a Unique Wheelless structure consisting of 3 round-shape mop pads that clean and drive at the same time to maximize floor mopping performance. Experience a sparkling clean floor with this mop robot.

      Intense And Deep Cleaning  - This wet robot floor cleaner can get into the hardest to reach areas such as Under Bed & Couch with its 4.3in height Slim Body and cleans up edges and corners Meticulouslywith its extended mop pad structure. With its advanced technology, it can mop the entire house in one go tackling everything from dirt, dust, stains, and pet hair.

      Anti-Collision & Anti-Drop Sensors - The Robotic Mop is built with 11 High-Precision smart sensors on its circumference that easily detects any object or furniture thereby ensuring No Collision. Its Anti-Drop Sensor avoids any fall from high places such as stairs or hallways and moves away to clean your home efficiently and safely

      Powerful Cleaning Performance - With a powerful battery of 2,150mAh and 300ml large capacity automatic water tank, this smart mop optimizes Energy Efficiency and ensures Long-Last Battery Capacity that can clean 1,500sqft area for over 120 minutes in a single charge.

      Easy And Convenient To Use - No more studying hard-to-operate robot cleaner. A Single Touch Button on the main body of the floor mop will start the mopping immediately. Choose from 7 different cleaning modes based on the intensity of cleaning and the type of floor you want to clean via the remote control.

      Sensational Design - The design that considers user convenience and aesthetics at the same time has won both the world's most prestigious iF and Reddot Design Awards. It can be placed anywhere in the house and will look Harmoniousand will not take up much space.

    • Can ThreeSpin™ climb over an object or onto a carpet?
      No, it cannot climb over an object or onto a carpet or mat because it does not have any wheels. any threshold, carpet or mat because it does not have any wheel. If an object was of thin layer below 5mm, ThreeSpin™ may be able to climb over it, depending on the floor condition.
      What kind of floor can I use this robot on?
      You can use ThreeSpin™ on any hard floors including laminate, marble, tile, coated wooden, and linoleum floors.
      Is ThreeSpin™ a vacuum cleaner too?
      No. It is a ‘Floor Mopping Robot’ and not a vacuum cleaner.
      What’s the difference between green mop and grey mop?
      Green mop is made of 100% microfiber, so it is very soft and is good for absorbing liquid and fine dust on the floor. YOu can use this mop to polish floor or to mop after vacuuming. Grey mop is made with special cloth that combines mother yarn and microfiber. This cloth performs dual function of wiping and snatching debris on the floor. You can pick up hair and whatever lies on the floor while scrubbing stains off. It is recommended for cleaning that entails scrubbing and more intense polishing.
      Can I put any detergent into the water tank?
      We don’t actually recommend you to put any detergent in the water tank. It can cause water supply problem later. If you really want to use detergent, you can spread it on the mops directly or spray on the floor before mopping.
      Can it work on 110V power supply? Not necessary transformer?
      It is 100V~240V free voltage with has US adapter.
      Does it have mapping function?
      No, there is no predestined route programmed in. It moves around for 120min ~ 150min from a single charge and it can cover 1,615sqft in 150 minutes.

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    • Product Specification

      Product Dimensions 12.05 x 12.8 x 3.9 inches
      Item Weight 4.4 lb
      Manufacturer EVERYBOT INC.
      Item model number TS300
      Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

    Product Description

    EVERYBOT TS300 Three Spin Cleaning Bot

    The EVERYBOT Three Spin cleaning bot is so quiet that even your pet dog won’t notice it when it’s fully functional and operating at its peak. This cleaning bot is perfect for every household’s cleaning chores as it will save you a lot of time in cleaning your house. Efficient and robust, the cleaning bot is an all-rounder safety cleaner and installed with a smart microchips and sensors that will prevent the bot from colliding with any walls or furniture while also preventing the bot from falling from higher levels, thus ensuring your and the bot’s safety. The mop performance is very efficient as it will clean deep inside every corner of your house with intensity and meticulously to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair from very hard to reach areas. The champion of all cleaning bots combined with its aesthetics the EVERYBOT robot mop has won both the world's most prestigious iFand ReddotDesign Awards. The revolutionary cleaning bot offers a new way to clean your floors and make your life much easier than before with a surprisingly 43dB low noise level.

    No More Back Aches or Stress To Clean Your House

    The 3 mop structure beneath the cleaning bot does not have any wheels and manoeuvers itself by firmly gripping onto the floor and simultaneously cleaning and moving using the 3 mops attached beneath it. The 3 mops press and wipe so firmly that it removes any kind of dirt, dust and pet hair even from the most remote corners of your house. Taking advantage of the 3-mopped cleaning bot will make you free from manual work and back aches. The stress of cleaning your house before a party or a get together will be completely handled by the bot and it won’t even get emotional.

    All-Round Smart Cleaning Solution For Your Home

    Enjoy Your Leisure Time

    Cleans Stealthy

    You can now enjoy your leisure time without being disturbed by anyone or anything, even the cleaning bot as it will stealthily clean your home without disturbing you or your pets. The silent bot cleans your home and living space without making any kind of noise while your pets or babies sleep soundly. Even dogs won’t wake up if the bot cleans besides it due to its silent feature and decibel reduction design with the mop structure which are also patented. This is the only bot that provides such efficiency while also being silent so you’ll be able to enjoy watching movies or resting while your home is being cleaned silently without any hassle, stress or noise.

    Optimized Mopping Algorithm

    The EVERYBOT navigates with optimized mopping algorithm and due to its advanced AI learning and big-data analysis feature which was achieved by analysing over 100K homes’ layout to collect the data and then optimized the bot’s mechanics with that data.

    Eash Operation And Smart Functioning Cleaning Bot

    This Robot Makes Your Home Spick-And-Span With It's Meticulous Cleaning

    The 3-mop structure protrudes beneath the bot and only 3.9in height of the bot are designed to clean the most hard-to-reach corners of your home flooring, keeping every remote corner of your home clean as a whistle. Silently cleaning the floors, once the cleaning procedure is finished, you’ll be able to see you reflection on the floor as it will make your floor shine and make it spotless.