5 Perfect Surfaces for Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot

5 Perfect Surfaces for Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot


Everybot is an exceptional home cleaning appliance, keeping hard surfaces in your home cleaner than you thought possible. While they’re not suitable for soft surfaces like carpeting or rugs, they work wonders on hard flooring. Everybot can clean any hard floor imaginable, but we especially love it on these five household floorings:



Hardwood is a beautiful floor that elevates any home. And while they’re a stunning interior choice, they’re also incredibly expensive, and keeping them as beautiful as they were the day of installation requires significant maintenance. 


With hardwood, it’s important to know what products can be used. Tons of modern cleaning solutions are full of harsh chemicals that can wreak havoc on your hardwood floor, ruining the stain. Other cleaning products aren’t strong enough to remove tough stains, leaving your hardwood looking shoddy. With Everybot, you don’t have to worry about hardwood calamity, as it uses water that’s safe for any surface, and it’s tough enough to remove anything that lands on your hardwood. 



Laminate is another popular flooring choice in modern homes. A cheaper alternative to hardwood, it looks good without the significant cost. Although the untrained eye can’t tell the difference between laminate and hardwood, they’re two very different surfaces and require much different care. Thankfully, Everybot is suited for laminate just as perfectly as hardwood.


Laminate floors do not fare well with harsh products and tools, making Everybot’s soft mopping pads an excellent option when cleaning. Laminate floors also last longer when a limited amount of water is used in cleaning. With Everybot, you can control the water level, ensuring you don’t ruin your floors. Because of Everybot’s state-of-the-art technology, it’ll detect how to best clean whatever floor it’s on, and it won’t be abrasive on your laminate floors. 



Marble is a show-stopping floor with a hefty price tag and specific care instructions. Marble is a delicate and porous surface that can easily be scuffed and stained, making it of utmost importance that it’s cared for properly. Using an Everybot takes the thought and stress out of keeping marble clean. 


It’s important to use a soft mop on marble, and Everybot’s pads are safe to use. It’s also important to avoid harsh chemicals on marble. Since Everybot uses water to clean, it’s the perfect mop to keep your marble floors in mint condition. 



Many homes have tile, and they can be tough to maintain. They require consistent cleaning, both vacuuming, and mopping. Everybot is perfect for homes with tile. Not only do their mop pads pick up any dust or dirt you missed when vacuuming, but they also leave your tile looking brand new. They’re also easy to turn on while you’re finishing other tasks, so mopping your tile floors doesn’t have to be a constant chore. 



To keep linoleum looking as good as possible, they need to be mopped almost every day. Because Everybot is so easy to turn on, it’s no problem to have your linoleum floors mopped on a daily basis. Everybot is the perfect robot mop for any hard floor.