Why Everybot 100% Microfiber Mop Pads Work So Well

Why Everybot 100% Microfiber Mop Pads Work So Well


Everybot uses powerful technology to clean your hard floors, and it employs notable mops to aid in the work. These mops were created especially for mopping, and they’re perfect for any hard surface. Here’s why our mop pads work so well:


Special Materials

Our mop pads come in two different materials, each made differently. One set is made of microfiber, while the other is made of mother yarn.


The microfiber mop pads are great for wiping up germs and leaving a beautiful finish on the floor. They’re perfect for cleaning light stains without leaving watermarks, making them excellent for floors that require gentle care. They’ll leave a clean, shiny finish on your most delicate floors. 


The mother yarn mop pads are very durable. They’re suitable for reaching into crevices and buffing out tough stains, and work wonderfully on uneven floors. Because of their power, they’ll polish even the toughest materials, so every floor in your home looks good. 


To elevate your cleaning routine, use the mother yarn mop pads first to remove stains and clean grime, then mop your floors a second time with the microfiber pads for a streakless, ultra-polished look. 


No Watermarks or Wheelmarks

Everybot mop pads are specially designed with materials that won’t leave watermarks. Traditional mops and other robot cleaners leave your floors full of streaks, but Everybot doesn’t thank to its remarkable mop pads. 


Because our robot mop uses revolutionary mop pads and spinning technology to propel it around your floors, there’s no need for wheels. Not only will your floors be free of watermarks, but they’ll also be free of wheel marks, as well. Your floors will have never looked better thanks to Everybot and its outstanding mop pads. 


Polishes the Floors 

Everybot mop pads don’t just clean the floors, they polish them, too. There’s no reason to buy a special cleaning product made of harsh, toxic chemicals when Everybot’s mop pads will leave your floors shiny enough to see your reflection. Don’t add another step to your cleaning routine to have polished floors. Use an Everybot and let its mop pads polish your floors for you. 


Suited to Your Needs 

Everybot’s mop pads come in different materials for a reason. Each is better suited to different jobs, just as different floors are better suited to different homes. Your home may be full of tile with hard-to-reach crevices, leaving you in need of the mop pads made with mother yarn. You might have a home with only marble floors, requiring the mop pads made with microfiber to give a gentle but thorough cleaning, leaving the floors visibly clean and shiny. Whatever floors you have in your home, Everybot has a mop pad to clean it best. 


Dry and Wet Mopping

Both fabrics used to make Everybot mop pads are not only perfect for mopping, they pick up dust and dander, too. If your floor is covered in dust, there’s no reason to vacuum or sweep first. Just turn on your Everybot and let it do both jobs for you. The Everybot robot mop and mop pads not only make cleaning easy, but they also do an unbelievable job.