5 Reasons Senior Citizens Need an Everybot

5 Reasons Senior Citizens Need an Everybot

Three Spin is a robot floor cleaning machine that mop your space for you. They’re the best robot mop available and will add so much to your life. These machines are great for everyone, but senior citizens, in particular, will find Everybot especially helpful. Here are five reasons senior citizens need an Everybot:


Easy to Use

Technology is great, but it can often be difficult to use. Many machines come with unnecessary features and difficult control panels, making them more work than they’re worth. 


Everybot, however, is simple to use - it can be turned on with the touch of a button, and its automatic cleaning mode does a spectacular job. However, if you want to change the mode, you can do that easily, as many of the models come with a remote control that is just as easy to use as the robot mopper itself.


Handy Remote Control

As mentioned before, many Everybot models come with remote control. This nifty feature makes it so you don’t have to bend over to start your Everybot - you don’t even have to be next to it. You can be on the couch or in your bed while you turn on your robot floor cleaner. 


You can also change the cleaning mode from your remote, so if you forgot to clean last week and your floors need an extra scrub, your mopping robot can put in the work for you with a more intensive mode. 


Cleaner Floors

Cleaning floors is a lot of work, and it can be difficult if you have joint pain or some other ailment that makes bending over difficult. With an Everybot, you can have mopped floors at the touch of a button - you won’t have to put any effort into cleaning your floors like you did when you were younger. 


Not only does Everybot make cleaning easier, but it does a better job, too. Its power and unique features make it the best robot mop, and make your home the cleanest. 


Healthier Home

You’re only as healthy as your environment, and to have a healthy environment, it must be clean. To avoid sickness and feel your best, you need a robot floor cleaner. Having an Everybot will give you a very clean home, keeping it and you healthy and stress free. 


Everybot cleans up dust and dander, allowing you to breathe your best. It removes stains and other spills that lock in odors and attract insects, keeping your home pest-free. For a truly healthy home, you need an Everybot. 


Quiet Machine

As you age, you want your space to be quiet. No matter what you’re doing throughout the day - reading, watching television, taking a snooze, your Everybot will not disturb you, keeping your home at a comfortable noise level. 


If you have friends over for coffee or are on the telephone with someone, you won’t even notice your Everybot running. You won’t have to turn the volume up on the television to hear your program, because Everybot is so quiet. Whatever is happening in your home, it won’t be interrupted by Everybot, making it the best robot floor cleaner available.