Unique Details About Everybot Mop Pads

Unique Details About Everybot Mop Pads


Three Spin is a robot mop that leaves your floors exceptionally clean. Through its advanced technology and design, this house cleaning robot gets into even the smallest crevices in your home, leaving your floors spotless. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your home looks after just one use of an Everybot.


Part of what makes Everybot so special is its noteworthy mop pads. They aid in the cleaning process and are an important asset to this acclaimed mopping robot. Here are some unique details about Everybot mop pads:



Everybot mop pads come in two separate materials, each suited for different cleaning needs. One set is made of microfiber. Its twisted loop weave is perfect for the rotation of the robot mop. The microfiber pads won’t be ruined in use; they’ll clean the floors and leave them polished and waxed. 


The microfiber pads are made of NP microfiber. Because its bristles are long, and it’s more absorbent than other microfibers, these mop pads wipe up everything in their trace and don’t leave watermarks. The material is soft, so instead of leaving scratches on your floor, it’ll buff out scuffs, leaving your floors pristine. 


The other set of mop pads is made with mother yarn. Mother yarn is thicker than microfiber, making these mop pads perfect for removing stains and cleaning in crevices. No dirt will be left on the floor when you use our mother yarn mop pads with your Everybot. Even though mother yarn is thick and tough on stains, it’s still a soft fabric and will polish your floors just as the microfiber mop pads will. 


Both mop pads can be used for wet and dry cleaning, and replacements are available for purchase. These mop pads will quickly become your favorite cleaning accessory. 


When to Use Them

Because the two mop pads are made of different materials, they are going to work a little differently, and are suited to different cleaning needs. To get the best use out of your Everybot and the mop pads, use them for different cleaning reasons. 


If you have a hefty stain, or your floor is particularly dirty, use the mother yarn mop pads. With their thick material, these mop pads will scrub even the toughest messes, leaving you with a spotless floor. They’re also better on floors like tile that have crevices where dirt and dust accumulate, as they’ll wipe those messes up easily. Mother yarn mop pads are great to use in the kitchen. 


For a delicate floor like marble or hardwood, or for an already clean floor that just needs a quick mop, use the microfiber mop pads. The microfiber will do a great job of wiping up excess dirt and liquid on the floor, and leaving it polished and shiny. Microfiber mop pads are perfect for use in the bathroom, or in low-traffic rooms where you don’t bring food and drink.


Everybot’s mop pads are of superior quality, and they always do a fabulous job. Your home will be clean and beautiful thanks to these mop pads.