Do Robot Mop Actually Work? It Seems Like It Is A Perfect Product?

Do Robot Mop Actually Work

It Seems Like It Is A Perfect Product?

The ads for robot mops always make it seem like it’s the perfect product. It cleans, it takes up hair, it’s quiet – in other words, it does it all! All you have to do is press a button, and whoosh, there it goes.

But are the ads too good to be true? Do robot mops actually work? With so many parts that move on their own without a human in control of it, it seems like there must be a catch to a robot mopping your floor.

There's no mistaking the appeal of a robot mop. They're futuristic, efficient and – most importantly – cleaning. But are they really effective at cleaning floors?

The answer, unfortunately, is that it's hard to say for sure. A lot of the research on robot mops has been in the lab setting, and there's not a lot of real world data to support their efficacy.

Some experts say that robot mops are a good option for medium to large spaces. They're faster and more efficient than traditional mops and can cover more ground.

With an Everybot robot mop, there is no catch. It mops as efficiently and effectively as a human being, thanks to the powerful technology behind it.

How Do Robot Mops Clean Your Floor?

Unlike robot vacuums that run on wheels, the Everybot mop has no wheels. Instead, it moves around on three wide round pads. That’s why we call it the ThreeSpin because it uses three pads to glide across the floor.

The beauty of using pads instead of wheels is it maximizes the amount of space that this robot mop can clean. It doesn’t cut corners because there’s a wheel in the way.

Speaking of corners, the pads stick out from the mop just slightly so they can catch corners as well as the edges of the flooring. No speck of dust or dirt is safe, not even in the furthest reaches of the room!

Before we leave this section, we must talk about another benefit of the Three Spin pads technology: it’s extremely quiet. The motor is not loud, either. You could even set the Everybot loose in a library and it wouldn’t disturb anyone.

But Seriously: Do Robot Mop Actually Work?

Three pads are great and all, but does the robot mop actually leave the floor nice and clean? Can it pick up hairs as well as wash away dirt and grime?

It certainly can. First, it uses its weight of 4.4 pounds to a cleaning advantage. The pressure that the weight puts on the pads allows it to massage deeper into the floor. Second, the pads spin rapidly and continuously, which creates an awesome scrubbing action that picks up the muck on its surface. In the end, the robot mop leaves a sparkling trail of clean floor in its wake.

The Everybot is a thorough little mop. It will scrub every inch of your hard flooring, including edges and corners as we mentioned in the previous section. When it’s done, you’re left with beautiful clean surface for you and your loved ones to walk barefoot on.

Where Can I Get My Own Robot Mop?

Cleaning the floors in your house regularly is important, especially if you like to take your shoes off and walk around the house in bare feet. The worst feeling in the world is stepping on a grimy floor and feeling the dirt and dust on your skin.

An Everybot will ensure you never have to experience that awful feeling on your hard floors ever again. The best part is this little robot will do all the grunt work so you can sit back and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

You can purchase your own Everybot ThreeSpin Robot Mop here with a 30-day guarantee.

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