How to choose the best robot mop to clean your home

How to choose the best robot mop to clean your home


Robot mops take the work out of cleaning your floors and can save you multiple hours each week. So, it’s no wonder they’ve become popular household gadgets. Using a hands-off cleaning approach, you’ll never have to spend hours of your time hunched over your floors scrubbing again. 

A robot mop can be used to keep your floors spotless every day and you can even leave them running while you’re not in the house. The best robot mops leave your floors looking polished and shiny, and you’ll even feel confident that you can throw your mop and bucket away. 

When choosing your robot mop, here are several questions you’ll want to consider.


How smart is the robot mop?

With its AI-driven technology, the Everybot robot mop is motorized by one of the most powerful mopping engines in the world. Like nothing before, it’s equipped with smart detectors to avoid collisions, ensuring smart and safe cleaning. Plus, you’ll never lose your robot mop, as its illumination sensor will make sure that it always stops cleaning in a bright area for your home.  


What kind of floors can I use the robot mop on?

The ThreeSpin™ robot mop will clean on any hard floors including laminate, marble, tile, coated wooden, and linoleum floors. In addition, with dual functionality, the robot mop wipes and polishes your floors, leaving your home looking shinier. 


Does it clean effectively?

The Everybot mop has no wheels, and instead uses three pads with large flat surfaces to slide across your floors using 11 smart sensors to move around objects and obstacles that might get in the way. With 4.4 lb pressure created by the weight and rapidly spinning mop pads, it cleans all the dust and dirt and even gets into the tight corners and edges of the room. The best part is that it’ll never cut any corners!


Does the robot cleaning make a lot of noise?

The robot mop is extremely quiet and efficient. You could even have the robot cleaning at night while you’re sleeping and it won’t disturb you! With a noise level at only 43dB, you won’t even know the robot is there while it's working hard on your floors. There are no spinning wheels and it knows when to stop so you won’t have to manually turn it off yourself. 


How long can the robot mop clean for?

With a 2150mAh high-capacity battery, you’ll safely have more than 120 minutes of operation time and excellent battery life. 


Conclusion: The Everybot robot mop is quiet, efficient, and cleans your home effectively

Are you ready to enjoy a clean home with minimal to no effort? With an Everybot mop, you can have your robot cleaning your home at the press of a button as many times as you need in a week. it’s a small investment, but you can get back your time and have your home looking immaculate. 

Don’t wait! Buy yours today!