Why you need a robot mop in your home to save yourself.

Why you need a robot mop in your home to save yourself.


When it comes to mopping, do you ever feel like saying ‘please don’t make me do that!’ 

We all have household chores we don’t enjoy, and mopping floors is one of the most tedious ones you can do. Floors can get really messy and the longer you leave it the worse it gets. Then to make matters worse, after you use your bucket of soapy water, you also have to clean your mop! Which we all know, never really feels that clean. And, who knows what germs are lurking around in your mop until you use it again? 

The robot mop is the perfect mop for people who hate mopping. Once you start using it, the mopping robot will become an integral part of your household cleaning and you’ll never despise mopping again.

Here’s why you should start using an Everybot robot mop today.


It’s automatic and helps keep your home immaculate

Using a mop can be a hassle. Getting it out of the cupboard, making the soapy water, and then cleaning it afterward can easily take you an hour or two a day. If you’re someone who has a family and works a full-time job, you’d probably prefer to spend your spare time doing more enjoyable activities!

A powerful robot floor cleaner can give you your time back and take the stress out of doing household chores you don’t like to do. With its AI-driven technology, smart cleaning functions, and top-grade cleaning brushes, you can leave your robot mop to clean your house while you’re at work, and come home to a sparkling clean house. 


It cleans your floor space completely

The Everybot robot mop uses two types of mop pads, the Microfiber Pads that are excellent for wiping your floors and the Mother Yarn Pads that are best for cleaning up sticky dirt and hair. This ensures that all types of dirt on the floor get cleaned up. 

Using large flat surfaces that clean edges and corners effectively, the pads soak up moisture from the floor leaving no watermarks behind. With dual-action, it wipes and polishes to make your floor look shinier. 


You can keep it running seamlessly in the background

With little to no noise, you can choose to spend time with your family and have the mopping robot running in the background. There are no screeching sounds from wheels, in fact, you won’t even notice it in your home until you need to charge it!


Conclusion: For a small investment, a robot floor cleaner can take the stress out of household chores you don’t like.

Using the Everybot robot mop will leave your floors immaculate. Simple and easy to use, it can make a positive addition to your home where you can start to enjoy mopping! Plus, it’ll take your cleaning to the next level, ensuring it covers all accessible space. 

Get your robot mop today and start to enjoy cleaner floors with little to no effort!