Make Your Office Floor Spick And Span With Everybot Robot Mop


Make Your Office Floor Spick And Span With Everybot Robot Mop




Office cleaning may seem like a relatively simple task, but like almost everything else, there is often more than meets than eye when it comes to clean office floors! Ensuring tiles are not only clean, but also sanitized and germ-free, is a science.



Many offices choose tiles over carpeting due to the idea that tiles are easier to keep clean. And in a sense, that is true! Unlike carpeting, which can quickly absorb and hide liquids, food, mold, dirt, and dust, ceramic tiles are not absorbent. Because of this, tiles do not support the same level of microbial growth as carpeting. But that doesn't mean your office floors are safe from germs.



Fungi (such as mold) need a food source, usually carbohydrates, to continue growing and spreading. Since ceramic tile is not organic and not very absorbent, mold on your tiles generally will not be able to find a food source, and therefore will not last very long. You will usually not see mold on tiles unless it is in a very wet place where food sources are available, such as your shower.



Bacteria also have a difficult time spreading on tiles. Typically, bacteria will remain on the surface until the tiles dry. Once the tiles are dry, the bacteria will usually die. Though tiles themselves are not generally hospitable places for mold and bacteria, that doesn't mean your tiles aren't dirty - or full of germs!



Some bacteria can remain on your floors, especially in rainy or snowy winter weather. Employees and clients may continuously track in moisture on their boots or shoes. This can bring in not only bacteria, but food sources for the bacteria. Though tile may not be absorbent, some grout, membranes, backer boards, and other assembly materials may be just right to support microbial growth



However, for overwhelming mop performance, Three Spin Robot Mop is your best bet. This robot cleaner is engineered with "Dynamic Spinning Technology" and patented by EVERYBOT. The Floor Mopping Robot features a Unique Wheelless structure consisting of three round-shape mop pads clean and drive at the same time to maximize floor mopping performance. Experience a sparkling clean office floor with this mopping robot.



The three-mop structure protrudes beneath the cleaning robot, and the height of only 3.9 inches is designed to clean the most hard-to-reach corners of your home flooring, keeping every remote corner of your office clean as a whistle. Silently cleaning the floors, once the cleaning procedure is finished, you’ll be able to see your reflection on the floor as Three Spin Robot Mop will make your office floor shine and make it spotless.



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