Why You Should Clean And Mop Your Floor

Why You Should Clean And Mop Your Floor


We've all been told since we're young that we’re supposed to sweep and mop the floors regularly, but have you ever stopped to think why? 





Of course, mopping your floor frequently do have their common sense benefits, but there are other benefits that you didn't know about which would surprise you too. Do you even know why you should always include mopping in your house cleaning schedule?



Our floors contain a lot more germs than we think they do. It goes without saying that there's more than meets the eye - our floors are exposed to everything, from our dirty shoes and clothing, pet hair, to dropped food, and a host of other germ carriers. As such, the germs accumulate and build up quickly, especially during hot weather and flu seasons. Thus, regular mopping is crucial in keeping your home sanitized. A clean floor translates into a cleaner house, and a cleaner house means a healthier and happier home.




Dust, pet fur, and other allergens accumulate quickly on our floors. 

By mopping frequently, you're preventing any of these allergens from building up, keeping them out of your home in the process. The next time you're suffering from watery eyes or a runny nose, don't go to your doctor just yet! Your house might just be long overdue for a good and thorough floor cleaning, and mopping can help ease your allergy symptoms greatly.




An important part of a mopping routine is to mop your hardwood floors with an appropriate cleaner. 

This helps you to maintain a scratch-free floor. When debris builds up on the floor over time, they accumulate and can cause tiny scratches in your floor, which might become permanent and eventually become an ugly blemish. Thus, keeping the floors clean through regular mopping would help to reduce your risk of accumulating these scratches.



If you haven't mopped your floor in awhile, chances are you might have already forgotten what a sparkling clean floor looks and feels like. The good news is Three Spin Robot Mop is just the perfect floor cleaning and mopping robot to perfectly clean and mop your floor. The mop performance is very efficient as it will clean deep inside every corner of your house with intensity and meticulously to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair from hard-to-reach areas.



The three-mop structure protrudes beneath the mopping robot, and the height of only 3.9 inches is designed to clean the most hard-to-reach corners of your home flooring, keeping every remote corner of your home clean as a whistle. Silently cleaning the floors, once the cleaning procedure is finished, you’ll be able to see your reflection on the floor as Everybot Robot Mop will make your floor shine and spotless.




So do yourself a favor and give your floor a good mopping with Three Spin Robot Mop. 

You'll be surprised with how a clean floor truly lifts your home. The cleaning robot-effect might even inspire you to mop more regularly as well.