Robot mop cleaners that clean your floors and carpets effortlessly

Robot mop cleaners that clean your floors and carpets effortlessly


Three Spin Robot mop cleaners are most common in the 'small appliance' category and generally look like a vacuum cleaner or dust-buster, but with the addition of an extendable arm that houses a short-life charging unit. This arm can extend the cleaning length (usually around 6ft) and pick up dust and dirt from carpets and hard floors.

What makes a great robot vacuum cleaner?

Generally speaking, vacuum cleaners are divided into powered, which require electricity, and hand-held, which you can use to make clean-ups and look for loose items. A great robot vacuum cleaner needs to work well without a second thought. At the simplest level, this is as simple as never picking up your phone to take a picture or making a toast while the robot is running.

Robot vacuums vs. other types of vacuum

 When it comes to robot vacuums, there are two main styles available – self-charging and battery-powered. Self-charging models can run for hours on a single charge, while battery-powered models need to be plugged in to charge. Three Spin Robot mop, for example, has a rechargeable battery that runs for up to two hours per charge, which is suitable for most home floors. However, to ensure it'll start when you want it to, you need to use a mobile app or press the on/off button to prime it to work. A relatively newer type of robot vacuum cleaner is the outdoor vacuum cleaner. These often have a unique design, making them better at picking up loose dirt from hard-to-reach places, such as stairs.

Can robot vacuums be set to clean multiple rooms?

Unlike other household robots such as the Three Spin Robot, mop cleaners can't usually be set to one home area. Their cleaning head is fixed to a small rubber body that can only navigate within a limited space. If you want multiple rooms cleaned, you're going to need to purchase additional Three Spin Robot mop cleaners. However, all of the Three Spin Robot mop cleaners here will roam around a predetermined area of the home, making it easier to keep your house clean. And you can control them from your phone or tablet. However, it's worth noting that while the majority of Three Spin Robot mop cleaners can be set to clean multiple rooms, they can't deal with carpets or hard floors – these are still left to human hands.


 If you're looking for a robot cleaner that will do all the hard work for you, consider the Three Spin Robot mop. It will clean your floor for you – which is definitely worth the additional $349 price tag. But for those who want the reassurance of a vacuum cleaner companion, the Three Spin Robot mop is a great bet. It's an intelligent device that can be controlled from your phone or using Alexa or Google Home, meaning you won't have to mop up your mess. Whichever model you go for, you won't have to worry about hoovering up stray cat hairs when it's gone.