The Evolution of Cleaning Products From 1950-2000

The Evolution of Cleaning Products

From 1950-2000

Cleaning products have evolved a lot in the last 50 years. They've become more powerful, safer, and more environmentally friendly. For example, chlorine bleaches in the late 1800s made cleaning products easier to use and less hazardous. In this article, we will discuss the evolution of the cleaning industry over the past 50+ years. 

Cleaning Products Timelines 1950-2000

  1. 1950-In 1950, vacuum cleaners were the number one household cleaning tool, and they made up 84% of the products sold. Many people believe that this is because they are most often used on hardwood floors - a type of flooring became popular in the 1940s. This period also saw a growth in the production of dishwashers and refrigerators.
  2. 1960-The most common household cleaning products in 1960 were chlorine bleach and ammonia. These were followed by detergent, toilet cleaner, surface cleaner, and fabric softener. The first aerosol air freshener was released in 1962, and it consisted of a small bottle with a propellant canister on one end.
  3. 1970-Homeowners in 1970 were more likely to clean their homes with a vacuum than a good floor brush, wet mop, or bucket of water. They also had to wash dishes by hand and dry them using a dish towel or paper towel. A lot has changed since then! In the 1970s, product innovations like powdered cleansers and concentrated cleaners saved time and money.
  4. 1980-In the 1980s, dishwashers were on the rise. Their lower energy consumption rates made them more attractive than hand-washing dishes. Dishwasher detergent was also introduced in the 1980s. After homes became equipped with dishwashers, they no longer had to rely on labor-intensive methods such as commercial or residential dishwashing machines for their dishes and pots to be washed clean.
  5. 1990-The 1990s is the decade that introduced several new household cleaning trends. In 1992, Procter and Gamble launched the Swiffer brand, followed in 1999 by Clorox with its line of Green Works cleaners. These products were popular because they replaced harsh chemicals with plant-based solutions like vinegar or baking soda to clean homes. The 1990s also saw increased demand for "green" or environmentally friendly products.
  6. 2000-The early 2000s saw the first significant new cleaning product in decades, the Swiffer WetJet. This mop-like device used disposable cloths and a spray bottle to clean floors without any need for rinsing or scrubbing. It was a commercial success, with more than one hundred million units sold by 2004.

Technology and Cleaning Products (The Evolution of Cleaning Products)

For decades, the evolution of technology has been advancing at an alarming rate. One of the many products to evolve and improve with time is cleaning products. Technology's impact on this industry can be seen through innovations, such as adding WiFi to a vacuum cleaner and robot mops. Everybot Three Spin Robot Mob is an innovative mop designed to clean the floors with just a push on one button. This type of technology innovation makes it easier for people with physical difficulties to clean their homes and connect their devices to a network to automatically order more supplies when needed or start up the robot mop to clean the floors. This evolution makes the way we live and play easier and more efficient. 

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