Unique Features You Did Not Realize Your Everybot Has

Unique Features You Did Not Realize Your Everybot Has


You already love your Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop because of its ease, as well as the time and effort it saves you, but did you realize it comes equipped with many neat features? Knowing more about its functionality will make you appreciate your Everybot Three Spin even more, but it’ll also change your relationship with it, allowing you to use it more, and have a cleaner home. Here are some unique features you didn’t know your Everybot mopping robot has:

Different Settings

Your robot mop comes with multiple settings. These settings can be changed through the remote control or the mobile app, both of which also turn on the Three Spin from a distance. 


Three Spin’s multiple settings allow you to have a custom scrub and get your home as clean as possible. If you notice your floors need extra attention, try the Intensive setting. For a basic clean, just use Auto. Three Spin makes it possible to customize your clean. 

Moves Back to a Bright Spot

If you’ve used another robot mop, you’ve probably been frustrated when it’s finished cleaning because it’s hidden under something in the house, or tucked away in a corner where you can’t find it. Your frustration was compounded when you had to spend as much time looking for your robot as it spent cleaning, making you think you should’ve just cleaned yourself. 


That frustration is the opposite of what you want, and you won’t experience it with Three Spin. When Three Spin is finished, it moves to a bright spot in the room so you know exactly where to find it. You won’t have to search for your robot like you have to with other robot cleaners. It’s functional and convenient. 

Cliff Detection

If you have steps, a balcony, or any other cliff in your house, no worries - you won’t have to fret about your Three Spin falling and ruining itself or hurting a friend or family member. Three Spin has cliff detection, so if it notices a cliff, it moves alongside instead of going off. This handy feature allows your robot mop and vacuum to clean in any room of the house, no matter the design. Its versatility and care are two huge assets. 

Handle for Cleaning the Walls

Everybot Edge is a powerful tool that gets floors exceptionally clean, but it can also be used on surfaces other than floors. You can use its power to get your walls just as clean as your floors by utilizing the handle.


Pick up your Edge, and clean your walls in manual mode by guiding it yourself. You’ll discover just how impressive robot cleaning is when you watch it work right in front of you. You’ll never clean your walls with another tool again. 



Three Spin comes with a navigation system so it knows where it’s going. This allows it to stop itself from running into things. Nothing in your home will break because of the robot mop. 


If you have toys, furniture, a pet, or a child on the floor, Three Spin won’t collide, it’ll just move around, keeping your home safe while it’s being cleaned. Each of Everybot’s unique features attests to why it’s the best robotic mop.