How To Save Two Weeks a Year Using an Everybot

How To Save Two Weeks a Year Using an Everybot

So much of our lives is spent on tasks we don’t like to do - running errands, laundry, cleaning. While it’s all necessary, it doesn’t have to be such a bother. Some of these can be made easier simply by having the right tools at your disposal, like an Everybot Three Spin. Did you know having a Three Spin can save you weeks within a year’s time? Here’s how:


Time Spent Cleaning

Cleaning is important. It gives us a sense of self-confidence, and makes us more comfortable in our homes. It allows us to be healthier, happier individuals, who are proud of our homes and love spending time there. However, to have a clean home, we have to make an effort, which can be very time consuming. 


The average person spends 30-60 minutes per day cleaning, which amounts to 7-15 days a year. That’s two weeks out of your year spent cleaning! Wouldn’t you love to get that time back, and spend it doing something else?


How to Remedy It

You can’t give up cleaning altogether, but you can make it less time consuming. Outsourcing your work by using the proper tools can make a world of difference. 


Don’t spend time cleaning yourself. Not only does it eat your time, but it also makes you tired and unable to focus on tasks that require your attention, and takes away from the moments you want to be present for, like time with family. We outsource everything else - we should outsource cleaning, too. And in today’s world, outsourcing can be done through tools like a Three Spin. 


How an Everybot Can Help

Buy tools that work for you, like an Everybot. Three Spin will do the work for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. Whether you purchase a robot mop or robot vacuum, your floors will be impeccably clean, and you’ll have a lot more time available to do what you love instead of doing chores. At the touch of a button, a house cleaning robot will have your floors spic and span, only requiring seconds of effort from you. 


What You Can Do With That Extra Time

Having more time in your life is great, but when you’re conditioned to spending every spare moment cleaning, you won’t know what to do with yourself when a robot floor cleaner is taking care of your chores for you. Here are some ideas:


One or two extra weeks in a year can be spent on a vacation. You can take a luxury vacation or go on a road trip. Whether you’re visiting friends and family, or exploring a new destination, you’ll be thanking your robot cleaner for giving you the gift of time. 


You’ll have lots of extra time in your day, too. All of that time can be spent relaxing, visiting a friend, hanging out with family, learning a new hobby, or starting a business. The possibilities are endless once you purchase a Three Spin and have more time in your day. 


Everybot can save you weeks of time over the course of a year, and nothing is more precious than time. Get your Everybot today, and experience the joy of extra time.