Why Everybot is Better Than Other Robot Mops

Why Everybot is Better Than Other Robot Mops


There are many, many robotic mops on the market, but none of them are quite as good as Everybot. Everybot has loads of unique features that not only make it an exceptional product, but truly make it stand out from the rest. Here’s why Everybot is better than other robot mops:


Remote Control and Mobile App

Everybot makes several models. Some come with a remote control, while others are compatible with a mobile app. 


The remote control has tons of cool functions. It can turn on the robotic mop from far away, and it has different cleaning modes, which you can use to clean your floors in different ways. You can turn it on manual mode and direct it yourself, too, which is handy if you feel you need it. 


The mobile app is just as handy. It can be used to turn your robot cleaner on while you’re away from home, and you can use it to schedule a cleaning session. You can even adjust the cleaning strength, and direct your Everybot to only clean certain rooms, all while you’re running errands or out to dinner. The remote control and mobile app make the Everybot super convenient to use. 


Mop Pads

Everybot also comes with mop pads in two separate materials, both of which have their cleaning properties. The mother yarn mop pads are great for getting into crevices and cleaning up tough messes, while the microfiber mop pads are perfect for buffing out scuffs and leaving a beautiful finish. Whichever mop pad you use, you’ll be left with a stunning polished floor. 


Both mop pads are great, and can be used in tandem, or one after another for a thorough cleaning. With the different mop pads and cleaning modes, you can have a truly customizable cleaning experience with Everybot. 


No Wheels

Select Everybot models don’t use wheels, they just propel by spinning. Wheels can leave marks on your floors, and they can pick up dirt and dust and spread it around, leaving your floor not quite as clean as you’d like it. Since Everybot doesn’t use wheels, your floor will be cleaner, and you’ll be able to see the difference. This is just another reason why Everybot is the best robot mop.


No Detergent

Everybot doesn’t use detergent, so nothing unnatural is cleaning your home. You can always add detergent to your Everybot routine by putting it on the floor before starting your robot mopper, but you don’t need to, as your floor will be just as clean without detergent. 


Not using detergent will keep your house free of chemicals, and it will also save you money. Everybot is a healthy, affordable cleaning tool. 


Unique Features

Everybot has tons of unique features that make it better than the competition. It moves to the brightest spot in the room when it’s done cleaning so you don’t have to look for it. It won’t fall off cliffs or run into your belongings. Select Everybot models can also be used on your walls when you use the handle. These are just a few reasons why Everybot is the best mopping robot you can buy.