Why You Do Not Need to Polish Your Floors Anymore

Why You Do Not Need to Polish Your Floors Anymore

It’s one thing to have clean floors and know they’re clean, but it’s another thing entirely to see that they are clean, and have others see it, too. You’ll be much more confident having people over to your home if they can see how clean your floors are. 


Most often, visibly clean floors are achieved through polishing, which is an arduous process that comes with a lot of downsides. Anymore, it’s not necessary to polish your floor, as long as you have a Three Spin Robot Mopper. Here’s why:


Harsh Chemicals

Many modern household cleaning products are toxic to use. They are full of harsh chemicals that are not only bad for your floors, but also bad for you and your family. While it’s nice to have polished floors, it’s not worth it if it’s going to affect you and your family’s health.


Even if the polishing product is made from natural products, making it safe for your family, it often doesn’t work as well, making polishing not worth the effort. Three Spin does not use chemicals to polish floors, so you don’t have to risk the health and safety of you and your family to achieve visibly clean floors. 


Lots of Work

Polishing anything requires some elbow grease. Even with cleaning products that make it easier, it’s still a tedious ordeal that most of us don’t have time for. This task can be outsourced, but that’s expensive, and the outcome is often disappointing. 


Three Spin takes the work and the expense out of polishing floors. Three Spin will polish your floor; all you have to do is press a button. It’s never been easier to have visibly cleaner floors. 


Weight of the Three Spin Robot Mop

Wondering how a house cleaning robot can get your floors so visibly clean? The Three Spin’s weight and power make for an ultra-effective scrub. That’s why it’s so great - it doesn’t just clean your floors for you, Three Spin polishes them, too. You can have visibly cleaner floors without any of the work.


The weight of the Three Spin polishes your floors while it’s mopping, making for a super easy and quick polish that doesn’t require any effort from you. With just one machine, your floors will transform from dirty and dull to clean and shiny. 


Mop Pads

Our mop pads also aid in the polishing process. One made with mother yarn and another with microfiber, both mop pads are perfect for polishing your floors. Choose your mop pads according to the material of your floor, and let them buff out any marks or dull areas. This will give your floors a shiny finish, and make your home sparkle. 



Not only do Three Spin’s mop pads eliminate the need for polishing products, but their design and function also do, too. All your robot mop uses to clean your floors is water, and it gets them just as polished as a product with chemicals would. 


With the Three Spin, you won’t have to make an extra effort to polish your floors ever again. Three Spin is the best mopping robot for many reasons, but its ability to polish the floors puts it a step above the rest.