5 Messes Your Robot Mop Can Clean

5 Messes Your Robot Mop Can Clean

Life is messy. With the best robot mop, you don’t have to be responsible for cleaning up all of the messes. When you have an Everybot Three Spin, staying on top of messes is much, much easier. 

Here are five messes your robot mop can clean:



Many things spill, especially in the kitchen. Sauce, spices, milk, juice, water - it can all get on the floor, as can many, many more things while cooking and eating. But when you have a robot cleaner, taking care of spills is no longer a chore - it’s an easy fix. 


Everybot Three Spin is perfect for cleaning up spills. With a Three Spin, even the biggest spill can get cleaned up in no time. Our mop pads will absorb them so easily and so quickly, you’ll be amazed. 


Don’t think your robot mop needs to stay in the kitchen, though. Three Spin works on all hard surfaces, so any mess made in the bathroom can be cleaned, too. 



Floors get stained, and they’re tough to get out. Buying products to remove them is expensive, as is hiring someone else to do the job. Not only is it expensive, the cleaning products you buy yourself, and the ones professionals use, are toxic and unhealthy. Cleaning up stains is a pain.


Stain removal is much easier with a mopping robot. Three Spin is such a powerful cleaner, and comes with such effective mop pads, your stains will be gone without any effort from you, or someone else. Gone are the days of scrubbing your floors on your hands and knees - your Three Spin will do the job for you, and your floor will be spotless. 



There’s no need to vacuum or sweep anymore – Three Spin can do the job of a vacuum and a mop all in one. If your floor is just dusty, save yourself the trouble and only use your robot mop

Not only will it mop your floors, but it’ll also pick up dust, too, making for an easy, all-in-one cleaning job. 


Three Spin is so easy to use, you’ll be able to stay on top of your cleaning, too, keeping them pristine at all times. You’ll never have to vacuum or sweep again. 



If your home is smaller, you probably don’t have a dedicated room where soiled clothing and shoes stay to avoid tracking mud into the house. Mud is a pain to get off floors, but it’s a chore you can easily avoid with a robot mopper. 


Because it’s a powerful machine that comes with different modes, Three Spin will get the mud off your floors. If the mud has dried, use your robot vacuum to clean it up first, then send your robot mop over it for what’s left. If it’s still wet, just send your robot mop to do the job, and it’ll be gone from your floor in no time. 


Pet Messes

Whether it’s their hair or an accident, Three Spin can clean up any mess your pet leaves behind. By picking up dry messes while mopping, your robot cleaner will pick up anything and everything, keeping your home spotless for you and your pet.