Why you should get a Robot Mop for your parents this Christmas

Why you should get a Robot Mop for your parents this Christmas


As our parents get older, we want to make sure they stay in good health and can continue with their daily activities. Unfortunately, some aspects of life can become difficult and household chores can become a burden. Whether it’s spending hours sweeping and cleaning the floor or tidying up around the house, life can quickly become tiring for aging parents. 

You could hire a cleaner but what if you spill something and need to mop it up straight away? This could be dangerous for your parents as they can easily slip and injure themselves. 

An energetic and practical robot mop can help save your parents hours of their time and be used whenever it’s needed. Plus, a mopping robot gets to all the hard-to-reach spots, like under the couch, saving your parents from straining their back.   


Here’s why the Everybot is the help you can send your parents to keep their home spotless. 


It’s easy to use

Technology isn’t always easy for parents to grasp; this is why the Everybot is the perfect house cleaning solution. It cleans your home on its own. You fill the reservoir and with a simple click, it’s good to go. You can leave it to run while you do other things and come back to it when your house is sparkling cleaning.


It navigates around obstacles

Using powerful technology, the house cleaning robot uses 11 sensors on the circumference of the robot to prevent it from colliding into household items. It can be tricky to rescue a robot from underneath your furniture. With the Everybot, you never have to worry about coming back to a semi-cleaned house because your robot got stuck. Instead, it will promptly move around objects and clean as much of your house as possible. 


It’s a time-saver

Your parents probably love to spend their time relaxing and enjoying life to the full. A robot mop can save your parents an hour of doing household chores a day! This time can be better spent with family or friends doing the things they love to do. 


It stops automatically

Our parents can sometimes be a little forgetful. With the Everybot, your parents will never have to worry about switching the robot off. Instead, it will run for 120 - 150 minutes and it will automatically stop after the house is cleaned. 


Cleans hard-to-reach areas

Whether it’s under your bed or the furniture, the mopping robot can clean hard-to-reach areas of your house and the edges and corners thoroughly.  The rapidly spinning mop pads work to safely clean your floors without causing any damage. 


Conclusion: The Everybot Robot makes the perfect Christmas gift for your parents

At the push of a button, your parents can enjoy an immaculately clean house this Christmas. It’s the perfect way to treat your parents for the holidays and keep them happy, healthy, and enjoying life!

So, what are you waiting for? Send one to your parents today!