The practical benefits of using a robot mop for families with children

The practical benefits of using a robot mop for families with children


Children love to make a mess. If you’re a parent, you’ll likely know that children are prone to spilling things on the floor very frequently. Whether it’s several times a week or multiple times a day, often the onus of cleaning up falls on mom and dad and this can become tiring day after day. Without help, it can feel like an upwards battle with no end.  

Fortunately, using powerful technology a robot mop cleaner can help you mop like a human, saving you hours on household chores, cleaning your home on its own while you do other things around the house. 

Sound too good to be true? Here’s why the Everybot robot mop makes the perfect addition to your household. 


It’s extremely quiet  

With minimal noise, you can have your robot cleaning even at night while your kids are sleeping. It runs on a 46.6dB noise level and uses three circling pads on the floor so no noisy wheels are squeaking throughout the night. You won’t even notice it until you wake up to find your floors sparkling clean. It’s also very careful to be super quiet around sleeping babies. Pretty great right?


It’s easy and convenient

Using simple to use technology, a press of a button can have your robot mop instantly cleaning your floors while your family can focus on other chores and activities. It’ll get to work and has a long battery life of 120 minutes on a single charge, so you don’t need to worry whether it’ll have enough capacity to clean your house thoroughly. It’s so practical, it’ll even go under the couch!


It’s designed to make your life easier

Using dynamic spinning technology, patented by Everybot, it uses rapidly spinning mop pads to clean the edges and corners of your house. Plus, there are 11 smart sensors on the circumference of the robot to prevent your robot from getting stuck in tight spaces, and it goes around obstacles whenever it can. 


It’ll save you time

Accidents happen and children spill things on the floor without meaning to do it. You can have your robot cleaning in no time and take the stress out of cleaning up after meals.


Conclusion: The Everybot robot can make your family life cleaner and less stressful

Since sweeping and mopping up after your children and family can take up so much time and effort, why not take the everyday stress out of keeping your house clean and use a robot mop to do the best job for you?

The Everybot is the best robot mop to take on the tedious job of keeping your floors clean so you can save hours of your day and spend valuable quality time with your family and children.

You could even give it a cool name so your kids know it has a valuable place in your home.  After all, a clean home is a happy home and a truly wonderful feeling!