Four Questions You Should Ask Your Housekeeping Service Before Hiring Them

Four Questions You Should Ask Your Housekeeping Service Before Hiring Them


If you're busy and looking for a work-life balance, chances are you may need help with things around the house like housekeeping. Today, many people are using robot cleaners like the Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop to help them with the day to day cleaning requirements, however hiring a housekeeping service may be the answer for a full house cleaning service.  This article will help you understand the questions you will need to ask before hiring a housekeeping service. These four critical questions are excellent to ask housekeeping services before hiring them. 


What is your experience with cleaning homes?

It is essential to ask the right questions of your prospective housekeeper before hiring them. The following questions will help you identify the information you need about their experience. 

  1. How much experience do you have?
  2. What type of material do you have experience cleaning with? (hardwoods, carpet, ceramics, vinyl, granite, etc.)
  3. What type of products do you have experience using? This would be a good time to find out if they are familiar with using floor cleaning robots, such as the Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop(ecofriendly) homemade DIY products, commercial, or industrial grade


Asking these questions will give you an idea of how well they are versed and understand what is necessary to complete the job successfully.


Do they have liability insurance?

Verifying if they have liability insurance is an essential question as it covers both you and the housekeeping service in the event of damage, injury, or theft. You should also ensure that they're insured and bonded if this service is permitted in your area. Also, make sure that your chosen housekeeping service has proper training so they can provide you with a service tailored to your needs.


Can you provide a list of past clients?

One thing you'll want to ask is to see that they have testimonials and references from clients who have previously hired them. Request to speak to other clients to solicit their feedback about the housekeeping services. 


What is your price and or fee schedule?

Ask about the pricing and the frequency of appointments. Make sure to ask for clarification about what areas may or may not be included in the clean (such as windows, laundry, etc.) and if they charge extra for additional services. This will help you decide whether they're suitable for you or not.


In closing, make sure you are comfortable with the housekeeping service you will hire. You want to find someone who is experienced and fits your budget. Hiring a housekeeper can be a great way to save time and energy. It can also provide some peace of mind for those too busy. Conducting an interview will ensure you have asked the questions to help you identify the perfect housekeeping service for you. Missing this step could lead to a lot of problems between you and the housekeeping service. Conducting the interview allows for both parties to ask and answer questions. This is a good way to start the relationship and setting the rights expectations.  



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