Teaching Kids How to Clean and Organize Their Bedrooms

Teaching Kids How to Clean and Organize Their Bedrooms


You have finally made it to the end of the day, and it is time for the kids to go to bed, then you realize; Oh no, the kids' room is a disaster. Not the way it should be! Here are three tips to help you tackle your child's messy and cluttered space. These tips will help you efficiently and effectively alleviate your child to keep their rooms cleaned and organized.  


A clean and organized space can help a child focus on schoolwork and other activities more efficiently. When there are clothes, toys, and other things all over the floor, it can be difficult for a child to find what they need to complete any task in a quick and timely manner. 


A cleaning schedule for your children is a great way to teach them about responsibility and organization. A cleaning schedule is a great way to establish that routine while teaching children responsibility and organization.


The best way to start a cleaning schedule with your children is by teaching them how to clean their room, one step at a time. It would help if you started with the most basic actions, such as picking up toys, putting away clothes, and making the bed. Then you can move on to more complex tasks, such as vacuuming and changing bed linen. —


Children are usually not self-motivated enough to clean up their rooms independently, so it is vital to create a schedule that they can follow. It is important to keep the schedule consistent to get into the habit of cleaning their room every day. The first step in creating this routine would be to set up a time each day when your child would start tidying up their space.


The following steps will help you organize your child's room to maintain daily. Organize these tasks in a weekly calendar so that it is easy to see and access for your children. In addition, keep all supplies in a neat caddy to make sure the tools are easily accessible. 


Teaching Kids How to Clean and Organize


Daily Task

  1. Pick a designated time to clean up and tidy in the evening before bedtime. 
  2. Put all items in the designated space for books, shoes, clothes, toys, etc.
  3. Disinfect daily, wipe down all surfaces, doorknobs, switches, etc., with a disinfectant wipe daily. 


Weekly Task

  1. Complete laundry and put it away in designated drawers or hang them in the closet. 
  2. Change bed linen and spray stuffed animals with disinfectant and allow time to dry. 
  3. Clean floors, ceiling fans, overhead lights, and widows. The robot mop creates ease of use and is the perfect floor cleaner to teach your children how clean floors. The Everybot Three Spin Robot Mop is a great product to teach your children how to clean their floors, with an ecofriendly safe product.   



Monthly Tas

  1. Assess the condition of all toys, books, and stuffed animals for damages, and purge the damaged items. 
  2. Assess the condition of all clothes, socks, shoes, jackets for damages, and purge or repair the damaged items. 


Teaching your children, the importance of keeping a clean and tidy space should start at a very young age. Keeping things neat and orderly significantly impacts their focus and mental health. Teaching your children early to plan and be consistent is a skill that, once it is developed, will become a part of the day-to-day life skills and choices. 


Not only will teaching your children the importance of keeping a tidy space, but it will also help you as the parent. It will help you set guidelines and keep yourself and your child accountable and responsible. 


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