How To Incorporate an Everybot Into Your Cleaning Routine

How To Incorporate an Everybot Into Your Cleaning Routine


Buying an Everybot is a great first step to keeping a clean, healthy home. The next step is incorporating it into your existing cleaning routine for a seamless transition and cleaner floor. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best Everybot for your space, and how to easily incorporate it into your cleaning routine:


Choose the Best Fit

Everybot comes in many different styles, each suited to a different home and lifestyle. To keep the cleanest home, pick the style that’s best for you. Everybot comes in different models, the Three Spin and the Edge available for purchase online. Both are great choices, but they operate a little differently, making it important to choose the right model before buying to easily incorporate an Everybot into your cleaning routine. 


If your space is large and has unusually shaped furniture, like round ottomans or curved couches, the Three Spin is a fantastic choice. With a third mop pad and larger design, the Three Spin gets your floors cleaned quickly, and its triangular shape allows it to easily move around any shape it comes across on the floor. 


For a smaller space, or one with cleaner lines and more edges, use the Edge. This model has only two mops, but it makes it great for navigating all crevices of a room, getting into those hard-to-reach spaces. The Edge also comes in two colors - mocha and white. This gives you the option to match your Everybot to your space, giving you a pleasing look that’ll integrate naturally. 


The Edge can also be used to clean walls. With its handle design and light weight, you can easily pick up your robot mop to clean your walls. Although you will have to perform this manually, it’ll be a much cleaner finish due to the powerful clean Everybot provides. With the Edge, every inch of your home will be clean with minimal effort and time from you. 


Pick Up First 

Before turning your Everybot on, make sure your floors are not ridden with giant pieces of debris and other obstructions that could inhibit your robot mop’s performance. Everybot will sweep up dust and dander, but to get the best clean, pick up any scraps of food or large pieces of trash. This will keep those items from getting stuck in your Everybot and drug across the floor as it’s trying to clean.


Picking up will also ensure your Everybot cleans the entire floor rather than finding a path around the rogue items. Be sure to check below your furniture, too, as Everybot will clean underneath. 


Turn On Immediately After Picking Up

Once you’ve finished picking up, turn on your Everybot and let it do its magic. Whether that’s right away in the morning before you leave, or it’s once you’ve returned at the end of the day, click the on button and have clean floors in a short amount of time. Everybot can easily blend into anyone’s cleaning routine. 



Don’t forget to enjoy your Everybot, as it’s the best robot mop. Be happy with your purchase and enjoy the time saved cleaning, the cleaner floors, the healthier environment, and the reduced effort.