Small Tips for Floor Cleaning

Small Tips for Floor Cleaning


Before the cleaning

Make sure you clean all the shelves and flat surfaces with the tips in mind. First, go through every shelf and surface to get rid of dust and crumbs gathered. Next, wipe them off with an antibacterial cleaning spray. Avoid using expensive cleaners because they may not be suitable for wooden surfaces.


Before the floor

Have a quick look at the floor first. In case you find stains, throw a damp towel over them for an instant soak, and then scrub them. Use a sponge to remove the stains. Use an extra towel to remove any dirt or dust clumped in between the layers of the carpeting.


During the cleaning

Cleaning hardwood floors with Three Spin Robot mop is the key to keeping the flooring clean. Allow the floor to warm up before you begin to ensure that it absorbs all the spilled water properly.


Tips in cleaning (Small Tips for Floor Cleaning)

Remove all the clutter

 After having house guests, we tend to clean more frequently than usual. By adding items that are put away, we may delay the completion of a long-overdue task. Therefore, decluttering is an effective way to boost your house cleaning routine. If you do a thorough decluttering of your home, you will know exactly where every item belongs. In addition, those things that are outside of your definition of a home may be removed so that you can get rid of them.


Brush your furniture(Small Tips for Floor Cleaning)

When it comes to vacuuming, furniture is usually neglected for cleaning. Brushing the furniture to remove the crumbs or dust on the surface and spray the furniture is a good tip to apply in any cleaning. This reduces the likelihood of damage or damage to the furniture.


Deep cleaning

The first step is to deep clean the entire house. The house owner should carefully research the cleaning process. At the same time, different cleaning methods are available to help you achieve your cleaning goals.


  1. Use white vinegar to clean the kitchen sink; it’s the best cleaning solution for toxic substances in the sink.
  2. Use a good bottle of ammonia for cleaners in the dishwasher.
  3. Clean all drains in the kitchen and switch the water to the washer.
  4. Vacuum the hard floors with a sturdy vacuum cleaner.
  5. Wipe the walls with a scrubber.
  6. Clean the kitchen windows thoroughly with a damp sponge.

Dining Room:

Use different cleaning products for the dining room area, but not different amounts.


Hard-to-removing stains cleaning

 We all know cleaning hard-to-remove stains requires expertise and lots of skill. Unless you are ready to spend hours scrubbing it by hand, then consider hiring a professional cleaner. Be warned: This type of cleaning is no fun at all. But it is quite essential. You can’t get a proper, no-nonsense clean job from a kid or a domestic helper because they can’t manage such tough cleaning. They might even mess up the property to the extent that even you can’t bear it. One thing is for sure, don’t be careless when it comes to your hard-to-remove stains and make sure you are hiring the right house cleaner to tackle the job.

Plain water (Iodine based)

Can be used with a mixture of mild soap or a solution of bleach, but be careful to choose a household cleaner that’s right for your stain.



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