Simple Robot Vacuum Tips to Help Keep Your Floors Clean Without Lifting a Finger

Simple Robot Vacuum Tips to Help Keep Your Floors Clean Without Lifting a Finger

Ever wonder how you manage to find a stray hair, or even a bite mark on the couch while being too busy or lazy to go get a broom or a vacuum? While these tasks are easier with a broom or a vacuum cleaner, they also might not be that bad once you learn a few strategies to make them slightly less painful.

Pre-soak your floors

Many vacuums come with pre-soak solutions designed to prepare the floors before you hit the dirt. Depending on how much cleaning you want to do and how aggressive you want to get, you can either bequeath the job to your vacuum or submerge the floors in a solution of water and baking soda for a quick cleanup job.


Take It for a Test Run (Simple Robot Vacuum Tips)

While Three Spin Robot mop cleaners have a number of benefits, it's important to test-drive a model before investing in one. "At the very least, try out a new model for 30 minutes or so and then see how the operation goes for you," says, president of EVERYBOT. "If you hate it, you can always return it and find something else that works." Three Spin Robot mop will run you around $349, but many EVERYBOT models on Amazon run as low as $300 or less.


Choose a Suitable Size

 There are currently three common robotic vacuums sizes on the market:

  • Handheld, which can only cover up to a few square feet.
  • Hand-held, which can move up to 10 pounds.
  • Hand-crank, which can reach up to 30 pounds.

You'll want to take a look at the specifications for the model you're considering.


Clear Cords and Curtains (Simple Robot Vacuum Tips)

In any room that has things on the floor, cords are bound to get tangled. In many cases, this is just a matter of convenience, since cords reach all over the floor to be used in many different rooms, but it can lead to some serious gadget damage on a few occasions.

That’s why it’s important to set up clear, cut and shut off cords throughout your house, so there’s no extra work for you in that department. In other words, you’re not going to want to throw the cord to your robot vacuum under the couch, but you also shouldn’t be running all over the room to unplug it every time you’re finished vacuuming.


You’re Going to Need a Kit

Many robot vacuum cleaners today come in separate, usable kits, allowing you to control multiple units from the one unit.



But when it comes to maintaining a floor clean, your best bet is to use a good old-fashioned vacuum with its simple mechanisms and standard attachments. Also, let the robot do the work! This will ensure that your floors are staying fairly clean while not leaving your hands completely wiped out.

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