Self cleaning robot mop is superbly smart

Self-cleaning robot mop is superbly smart

Self cleaning robot mop is superbly smart

After reviewing the Sanit-O – a robot that has the ability to clean the floors, I wanted to see how a robot mop could compete with the effectiveness and convenience of the other two robots that have been in the market. The three robot mop robot vacuums are SimpliVac 110QS, the iRobot Roomba 960, and the LG Hom-Bot WX96KVZ.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Price: $849.00 at Amazon

$849.00 at Amazon Pros: Very powerful vacuum that has a low profile design. The floor plan on the iRobot website states that the vacuum can work on hardwood and laminate floors and tile and carpet. Very powerful vacuum, but it has a low profile design.


Three Spin Robot Mop(Self cleaning robot mop)

There are multiple advantages to using a robot mop over a regular mop. It can clean most floors, regardless of what type of carpet you have. The cleanup time is faster, making it easier to clean from room to room, rather than going back and forth over the same area. Additionally, the cleaning action can be adjusted based on whether you want to sweep, vacuum or mop. These advantages are only amplified when you are using a robot that cleans both your floors and carpets. As a young bachelor, I have occasionally bought mops for my apartment, and they are often painfully slow. That's because not only do they need to hold more water, but they also need to have a heavy-duty motor to clean floors.


Why Three Spin Robot Mop is the best mop(Self cleaning robot mop)

This robot mop has outstanding performance on my floors. The first step to maintaining a clean floor is to sweep them. The Three Spin Robot Mop cleans them completely without getting stuck on loose lint. The second step is to vacuum them. The vacuum it uses is light and pleasant to use, and has two speeds. The speed of the vacuum is recommended for the room size. This robot mop offers some advanced features for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors, like steam cleaning and dirt removal. It also offers some automated cleaning features. When you press the cleaning button, the robot mop will return to its base and “reverse” its cleaning cycle, then move to the next room and begin the cycle again. This is a neat feature to have, especially if you have hard floors.



The three spin cleaning unit works well. Its best feature is the hidden mop pad that performs all the cleaning. However, if you want to control the robot using your smartphone or by voice you will need to connect the device to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It might have some minor design flaws that some other reviewers have not noticed, but overall the robot mop is very good and is a great value for money, considering that the mop pad is disposable, and only the small dust bin is charged for the device.

Link to purchase the Three Spin Robot Mop

Have you bought any robot cleaning system? Are there any reasons why you do not use any of these?



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